Government to blame for delayed justice-IGG

Nabaasa Innocent

The Inspectorate of Government has been in the spot light for years over failure to investigate cases in time causing a case backlog and delaying justice, but to the inspectorate of government Irene Mulyagonja, government is to blame

Mulyagonja wonders, “If I am technical officer in a region, I only have 5 officers, 2 cars and 8 million to work with per month, and I have to carry out investigations in 10 districts, how can the inspectorate be efficient then?”

Currently the inspectorate has a workforce of 451 stuff of these only 244 are technical; in the last 6 months the inspectorate has been dealing with over 4900 cases, making a ratio of one investigator to over 20 cases. Of the 16 regions in Uganda, there is only one technical officer incharge of investigations. Mulyagonja says these concerns have been aired to government for years but in vain. She says they have been pushed to addressing priority cases only .

This financial year, they were allocated only 45.419 billion, which translates to 4.4% of the 1.03 Trillion they had asked for, of this 2.5 billion was for construction. Leaving only 42.919 billion for all operations and salaries across the country.

Museveni Names New Anti-Corruption Unit, Bashes IGG for Incompetence

Mulyagonja as well asked parliament to put up a civil law on asset recovery . She says this law will not only deal with corruption but also the proceeds of crimes like anti corruption, drug and human trafficking and money laundering , and in the long run there will be no high standards of beyond reason doubt.

Despite the short comings, the inspectorate of government has registered some achievements in the last few years . A total of 142 public officials were prosecuted and 99 convicted, while a sum of 1.98 billion was recovered.

On Monday December 10, 2018, the inspectorate of government will commemorate the international anti corruption day that will be officiated by the president at Kololo independence grounds .

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