VIDEO: We are tired of elections, Museveni must go before 2021- Besigye

Nelson Bwire Kapo

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party strongman Dr Kizza Besigye has reiterated President Museveni will be ‘yanked’ from his seat before the 2021 general elections.

Besigye made the statements during duwa prayers for people reportedly killed during the 2016 elections in Butambala District.

The four-time presidential contender implored the audience to keep faith in the winds of change for FDC is working on plans to redeem them from the jaws of Museveni’s dictatorship way before the slated general elections.

“We are in preparations now; you all know what we should be talking about. All of of you now should tip your colleagues and be ready for that specific day we shall call upon you to act,” Besigye said.

Referring to Museveni as Bosco, Besigye said the opposition is tired of participating in elections that are already predetermined.

“We are tired of going around campaigning, lining up to vote in elections organised by President Museveni and results announced by him,” he said.

He asked the people of Butambala to come together and disappoint President Museveni who according to Besigye has no capacity to win the next election.

“The job we have now is to come together and take back the power in our hands,” Besigye said.

This is not the first time Besigye is making prophesy of Museveni’s leaving power, neither the first time he is declaring he wont participate in elections.

In November 2010, Besigye while addressing his first rally in Masaka asked the people not to lose hope in him as he was bringing a Tsunami that will sweep Museveni once and for all.  This was the third time he was making the same promise.

“In 2001 I told you that you will be the first people to bid Museveni farewell as he passes through here to go to Rwakitura. In 2006 I promised a tsunami, but due to circumstances all these promises did not come to pass,” he conceded. “Do not lose hope because even if our struggle shall not be easy, the dictator is definitely on his way out.”

Besigye in July 2011 said he would not stand for presidency as long as Museveni is still in power. This he repeated in January 2012.

“I have said it before that I cannot stand for president when Mr. Museveni is the sitting head of state because he is a dictator. If we are to have elections in 2016, I will not stand as long as Museveni is in power,” Besigye, once a personal physician of Museveni during the 1980-86 guerilla war, stressed.

While addressing a political rally in Nyendo, Masaka in September 2013, Besigye declared he will not stand against Museveni because the President would go like Gadaffi by 2016.

“Some people are asking whether I’ll stand against (President) Museveni in the coming elections but I assure you that this will not happen because Museveni will be no more by 2016,” Besigye said amidst cheers.

Besigye however would later stand on the FDC ticket and lose to the same Museveni.

In 2016, while addressing a crowd in Masaka, Besigye said the opposition had ‘cornered Museveni” and he was on his way out.

“We have cornered him. We have put him where we want him- captivity. I vowed to you the people of Masaka that you will see Mr. Museveni pass here enroute to Rwakitura. We shall witness it in our lifetime.”

On 6th October, while addressing a press conference at his home in Kasangati, Besigye said Uganda’s problem is not Museveni, and thus he is not after his ouster.

“I am not against Mr. Museveni. He can go and the situation remains the same or worsens more. People jubilated when former president Idi Amin ousted Milton Obote, but it wasn’t a while before they started crying over Amin’s acts. The same thing happened when Amin was ousted up to now some of us are not happy with the way Mr. Museveni has carried on the system. So I am against the system of injustice not Museveni as a person,” he said.




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