City lawyer shot by security guard

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kenneth Kazibwe

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A security guard  attached to Securex  Company  Limited today morning accidentally shot Wilbert Muhereza, a lawyer working with Owoyesigyire and Company Advocates at Access building along Lubaga road in Kampala.

“The lawyer was injured by a bullet shot when a security guard was allegedly handling his weapon which released the bullet injuring the lawyer,”Emilian Kayima, the police spokesperson told The Nile Post.

He added that the lawyer was rushed to hospital whereas the security guard, whose identity has been concealed, has been arrested to assist in police investigations.

Due to the increased number of security guard companies, a number of the people they employ are ill -trained and have been involved in a number of crimes.

In September, police in Mukono arrested a security guard for shooting dead a colleague and on arrest, the suspect confessed that he had been subdued by evil spirits.

Early this year, a security guard at Arua Park in Kampala was arrested for shooting one person dead during a protest by traders.

Police has for many years insisted that many of the security guards are ill -trained and this has led to an increase in the number of crimes they commit.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police, Brig.Muzeeyi Sabiiti recently told The Nile Post that despite efforts by the police force to reach out private security companies to have their personnel trained by experienced police trainers, a number of them have not heeded to the call.

He said many of these private guards are trained for a few days before being deployed with guns, a thing he said is dangerous.

Many of them have been involved in shooting dead innocent civilians whereas others are engaged in robberies.

Last year, police announced arrangements had been finalised to have all security guards in private companies registered under a centralised system.

It was said then that the police ICT department had developed a biometric system to create a pool of data of new and existing recruits to stop criminal elements moving from one company to another.

Under the arrangement, guards employed by institutions and companies as individuals were supposed to undergo a training provided by the association of private security guards.

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