I AM BACK: DP’s Njoki bows to pressure; turns down government job

Kenneth Kazibwe

In a twist of events, the joint opposition candidate for Busia district LC5 chairperson seat, Democratic Party’s Deogratious Njoki Hasubi has bowed to pressure and turned down the government job.

Njoki had in a November 10 letter to the DP Secretary General and copied president general had requested to pull out of the race after being appointed as a member of the Uganda Human Rights Commission.

Addressing journalists at the DP headquarters in Kampala, Njoki said he had returned to the race after a series of meetings with party and opposition officials over his fate that saw him turn down the appointment.

“I have not abandoned the race and I am not abandoning it at any time. I am not taking up the offer,”Njoki told journalists on Tuesday.

He explained that whereas the offer was a juicy one after numerous calls and realization of the trust put into him by the Democratic Party and other opposition parties, he had decided to turn down the government job.

“Whereas the offer has a lot of benefits at personal level and I could do something to promote and fight for human rights while on the commission, the timing of the appointment was unfortunate.”

He said by allowing to pull out of the race the opposition would be left without any candidate in the Busia LC5 polls, a thing he said would look ugly.

Njoki however applauded President Museveni for entrusting and appointing him to the body adding that he said still longs to part because he would serve the entire country.

In his earlier letter, Njoki had defended his appointment as one which had been initiated by himself way before the by election program kicked off, adding that he should not be blamed by anyone.

“If approved by parliament, I would as a citizen consider serving my country as a member of the Uganda Human Rights Commission .I request for your cooperation and support,” he said.

The Busia LC5 position fell vacant in May after the Court of Appeal in Mbale threw out Ouma Adea for being   convicted of corruption in 2013.











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