Woman fakes kidnap to spend night at boyfriend’s place, reported by ex, arrested

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By Paul Kayonga

Police in Kampala have arrested and detained, Hellen Nanyonjo, 20, for allegedly planning and executing her own kidnap.

Nanyonjo a mother of two, was reported to the police by her ex boyfriend- Micheal Mabirizi, who also fathered two children with her.

Mabirizi notes that he received a phone call from Nanyonjo claiming she had been kidnapped on her way to Busaabala alongside three other women.

Mabirizi would then rush to police to report the matter.

“When he came to police, we recorded the matter and asked him to remain in touch should the kidnappers ask for any form of ransom,” Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire said.

Police would later call Mabirizi only for Nanyonjo to pick up the phone. She was then summoned to police to expound the kidnap story and the whereabouts of the other three colleagues kidnapped with her.

On reaching the station in Katwe, Nanyonjo explained that she had boarded a taxi at Shoprite down town at around 10:14pm, headed to Kibuye from where she would pick another taxi to proceed to her elder sister’s home in Busaabala.

She added, that on reaching Busaabala they were only four people in the taxi and this gave their kidnappers the courage to divert the routes and drive them towards Entebbe town despite shouting for help.

Nanyonjo’s story would soon develop short legs when on further interrogation, she started contradicting. It was not long after she revealed that there was neither kidnap, nor journey to Entebbe, but a night sleep over at her current boyfriend’s home.

“Her stories were not coordinating. She soon opened up and said she could not go back home because the people she stays with are so strict yet it was already late,” Owoyesigyire said.

On why she called her ex, Nanyonjo said she did not want him to call home asking for her in case, since he is the father of their children.

Mabirizi was equally left shocked and angry, vowing to open up another case against Nanyonjo.

“I am happy and content with this charge. I will now also report her to this same police for lying to me and depriving me of my peace. I hate it when my peace is disturbed. I thought she had been kidnapped, on reaching police, stories changed in just minutes, I am confused,” Mabirizi said.

Police has now charged her with self kidnap and provision of false information to police.


Last month, police arrested an 18-year old Regina Nakiwu for allegedly faking her own kidnap in order to obtain money from parents to expand her boyfriend’s shoe business to enable him pay for her bride price.


Woman fakes kidnap to cheat with new lover at Serena, arrested

Police in Kampala in July arrested a one Margret Namukose for allegedly giving false information after claiming she had been kidnapped, raped and dumped in a forest only for details to emerge later, she was “enjoying life” with a new lover at Serena hotel in Kampala.

Woman fakes her own kidnap to test boyfriend’s love

Police in Kampala in May arrested a woman for allegedly kidnapping self as test of love for her boyfriend.

Amina Mirembe, according to Mr. Luke Owoyesigire the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson made several calls to her boyfriend, a one James Mugoda claiming to have been kidnapped by unknown people who were asking for Shs 500, 000 as ransom.

It is the boyfriend, James Mugoda who alerted friends and the police. It was not long before he received another phone call from Amina saying she had been rescued by the police.

Woman who staged own kidnap to pay debts tricked into arrest with lunch date

In May, Police in Katwe arrested a one Grace Kyosimire for allegedly faking her own kidnap in order to settle chocking debts.

Kyosimire, 27, disappeared from home and started sending messages to her family claiming she was in the mean hands of kidnappers who wanted Shs4m in ransom.

According to Kyosimire, the money if paid by the family would go towards rehabilitating her pockets as well as clear off her huge debts with people who were pressuring her.

The messages sent to family indicated an ultimatum which would lead to death of Kyosimire if the ransom was not met.

Her close friend was asked to call her and fix a lunch appointment, to which she obliged and was eventually arrested.



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