VIDEO: Kayihura did not kill my son- Kirumira’s father

Nelson Bwire Kapo

The father to slain former Buyende District Police Commander (DPC) Muhammad Kirumira has rubbished claims associating former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Kale Kayihura to the assassination of his son.

Hajji Abubaker Kawooya, reiterated that his son confided in him before death and now only him alone knows who killed his son and he will reveal that person to President Museveni at the right time.

Kawooya made the statements during prayers and last funeral rights for Kirumira at Mpambire, Mawokota, Mpigi District.

“The police did not kill Kirumira, not even his colleagues he worked with, and not even IGP Kayihura, no,” Kawooya remarked.

“I have his (Kirumira) secret and I will tell it to only Museveni, I wont be scared by these assassins,” he added.

Also the same event Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubajje, expressed concern over brutality of security agencies in dealing with suspects and journalists.

“One Kawooya who was mistreated by gun wielding security operatives, this is a soft target who has no fire arms and those beating him are quite many. We thought what happened in Arua and to journalists was enough for security operatives to change their ways,”Mubajje said.

The Mufti also blamed Museveni for accepting fake intelligence, he said the situation involving Mityana Municipality legislator Francis Butebi Zaake exposed how bad intelligence surrounding Museveni is.

“The honoUrable member was badly off on oxygen, but Museveni was busy saying he escaped from police custody,” he said.

Kyadondo East Legislator who claims to be Kirumira’s close friend urged those present to emulate the honesty and patriotism exhibited by Kirumira.

“The late used to say it was better to speak truth and save situations even when you out your life at jeopardy. Kirumira used to say that when you speak you die and even when you don’t speak, you die.”

Kirumira dies

Kirumira was shot dead on September 8 as he approached his home in Bulenga. The maverick officer was in company of a one Resty Mbabazi Nalinya.

Following Kirumira’s death, President Museveni announced a move by government to recruit 24000 Local Defence Unit personnel to beef up security in the greater Kampala area.

Addressing the country about the state of affairs, Museveni said the problem of urban crime is becoming big and is worrying many people in the country.

“It is these killings worrying Ugandans more,”Museveni said in reference to the murder of Sheikhs, AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, Col.Ibrahim Abiriga, Joan Kagezi and ASP Kirumira.

Museveni who sounded incensed said government has been forced to deploy a new method of fighting urban crime apart from the usual methods.

“These idiots (criminals) don’t know the elephants they are fighting with. They have done it repeatedly and I have ordered for mobilisation of 24,000 LDUs. We are also going to recall reserves to man towns,” he noted.

In all these murders of prominent figures, unknown assailants travelling motorcycles shoot at their victims while travelling in vehicles killing them instantly before vanishing in thin air.

The president explained that government will deploy both crime preventers who will be first vetted by their LC1 leaders and reserve force to be recruited into LDUs that man towns and will help fight insecurity and urban crime.

“Kampala has 1000 villages and we shall fill them with man power and our guns will answer these criminals. We shall see which guns have more effect.”

This means that on average, each village in Kampala will have 24 LDU guards.

He also emphasized the use of modern techniques including CCTV cameras and drones to help fight crime especially in urban centres.

Installation of CCTV cameras in major areas of the city kicked off recently and according to police, a total of 3233 cameras on 1248 sites which is part of the program to install 5552 all over the country.

These will be in major cities, towns and along major highways.

Killers arrested?

Muhammad Kirumira murder suspect

A few weeks ago, police announced they in a joint security operation had raided a suspected terror cell in Namungoona, Rubaga division in Kampala in which nine suspects were arrested and one of them shot dead during the operation.

President Museveni would later lift the lid off the operation  saying   the suspects are accused of being part of the group that killed former Buyende DPC Muhammad Kirumira last month and he praised the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence(CMI) operatives for the job well done in busting the terror cell.

“I am sure I am speaking on behalf of many of you when I congratulate the CMI squads which arrested a number of suspects in the killing of ASP Kirumira on Friday night. In the process, one of them, by the names of Kateregga Abdu, was shot and later died of his injuries. It turns out that Kateregga was one of the ADF terrorists that had benefited from Amnesty in the past,”Museveni said in a statement on October 1.

On October 4, the magistrate’s court in Wakiso has charged and remanded a on Abubaker Kalungi, a resident of Mulimira zone,Kibutika village in Makindye Sssabagabo municipality with two counts of murder of Kirumira and Mbabazi.

Kalungi was remanded to Kigo Pirison until October 19.


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