MP says those who swindled Bududa money are vultures

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Manjiya County legislator John Baptist Nambeshe has said those who swindled money that was meant to be used in the resettlement of the Bududa landslide survivors should be put behind bars.

More than Shs 24 billion that had earlier been released to resettle survivors of Bududa landslides but it remains unaccounted for.

“We want accountability of Shs 24 billion that was released,” he said.

Nambeshe, who visited Bukalasi one of the areas that were badly hit by the mudslides on Tuesday, also lambasted President Museveni for “just apologising” to the victims without taking firm action.

The legislator had never visited the scene as he was out of the country on official duty by the time the catastrophe happened.

He attributed the delayed resettlement process to greed among some people who have focused more on making deals at the expense of people’s lives.

Nambeshe accused OPM officials of deviating from the 2012 21 inter-ministerial committee resolution to resettle people within Bulambuli.

He urged government to give people money to resettle in places of their choice as is the case with those in the oil rich albertine regions instead of wasting time with Bulambuli land deal which he says is being used as a bait to make a killing by some people.

“There are many safer places within Bududa and in neighbouring districts but those insisting on Bulambuli are interested in making deals,” he said.

Nambeshe noted that the land in Bulambuli is water logged in addition to other encumbrances.

During his visit to Bukalasi on Sunday, President Museveni blasted Nambeshe who is very critical of his government.

He told the people that they had made the wrong choice when they elected the vocal legislator.


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