Jennifer Musisi resigned KCCA job two years ago -Lukwago

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has broken silence on the abrupt resignation of Jennifer Musisi as the Kampala Capital City Authority Executive Director.

Musisi on Thursday in a letter to president Museveni announced she had resigned her job and would cease working for KCCA on December 15 2018.

“This is to submit my resignation the position of Executive Director Kampala Capital City Authority with effect from 15 December 2018,”Musisi said in her letter through the Kampala Minister.

However, Lukwago, who has never seen eye to eye with Musisi since her appointment said on Tuesday that he was happy that she had thrown in the towel.

“Her resignation didn’t come as a surprise .I expected it because of her arrogance. She was so much obsessed with impunity and never respected anyone,”Lukwago told journalists at her office at City Hall on Tuesday.

For the past seven years, Lukwago and Musisi have been at loggerheads as the KCCA technical wing and political wings fought.

On a number of occasions, Musisi has snubbed council meetings well as the KCCA technical wing headed by Musisi has refused to implement recommendations and decisions by the council headed by her nemesis Lukwago.

Recently, Lukwago snubbed a meeting meant to iron out the differences between the two KCCA leaders.

“The minister, who is the convener of the impugned meeting is a party to the High Court case where the Lord Mayor is seeking for orders restraining her from passing off as the political head of Kampala. She cannot facilitate a harmonisation meeting as an impartial chair,” Lukwago said in a July 24 letter to Beti Kamya.

Their bickering had also extended to court where Lukwago sued Musisi for usurping her powers.
Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, the visibly happy Lukwago said God had answered his prayers for Musisi to exit KCCA before reciting a liberation war song in jubilation.

“I always prayed that one day we shall see her pack her bags. This is the day and is a momentous occasion. I am sorry to say but it is because of excitement. This is one of the days I longed to see in my life,” he said.
“I am grateful to the Almighty for the gift of life and seeing the exit of Jennifer. God is great all the time and that is His nature.”

Resigned in 2016
Saying he has had the last laugh, the Kampala Lord Mayor said it is not by coincidence that Jennifer Musisi tendered in her resignation letter in the same month as her former deputy Dr Judith Tukahirwa tendered in her resignation.

In her letter in October last year,Tukahirwa said she had resigned her post as the Deputy KCCA Executive Director partly due to political expediency from certain quarters which she said had taken over strategic planning and also being tormented by people within the security circles.

“It’s disconcerting for any KCCA administrator to deal with decisions made on the premise of rumours and conjecture,” she said in her letter to Museveni.

However, according to Lukwago, Musisi’s resignation came two years ago together with the one of her then deputy.

“The reasons that her deputy gave are the ones that Musisi gave.All of them are decrying political experience” Is it a coincidence? There is something fishy and it is the red flag we have been raising,”Lukwago said.

“For the record. I believe Jennifer resigned the same time Tukahirwa resigned. Since 2016, she had resigned.”

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The Kampala Lord Mayor displayed over 10 letters by Musisi in which she explained her absence from KCCA council meetings, a thing Lukwago said showed something.

“She has attended only three authority meetings but the last one was on 27th February 2017. Which institution can have such an accounting officer who has no respect for the meetings of the supreme policy making body,” he wondered adding that in all cases it was her deputy who attended the meetings.

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He said he would summon the KCCA council to look through Musisi’s resignation letter to work out modalities in regards accounting issues.

“She will first account before she leaves. We must handle all KCCA reports in the next two months before her resignation.”

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