Criminal gang issuing letters to Kampala businessmen, demanding millions in bitcoin or death

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By Salmah Namwanje

Police has cautioned the general public about a criminal gang operation in Kampala Metropolitan area, writing intimidating letters to the business community demanding money from them ranging from $30,000 (Shs113m) to $45,000 (Ssh170m).

Police has so far arrested two people, meanwhile investigations are ongoing to find out more about the same.

Police say a number of business people in Kampala metropolitan area have reported cases of receiving threatening letters from unknown people demanding money from them to be paid through Bit coin with a deadline of three months.

Police and sister agencies have taken up the matter and investigations are on, the arrested will any time be arraigned before court to answer charges.

‘‘The letters are allegedly written and circulated by a group of people calling themselves people’s agency’’

Security has assured the business community that the matter is being handled and urged them to work with private security groups and improve their security at work and their homes to avoid falling for the threats from these criminal gangs.

‘‘The letters in addition to carrying threatening messages are demanding for payment of money in foreign currencies ranging from USD 30,000 to USD 45,000 which is supposed to be paid within three months as contribution towards the activities of the criminal gang and the mode of payment is by bit coin,’’ Police Deputy Spokesperson Patrick Onyango said.

“They should also avoid keeping large sums of money with them,” Onyango advised.

Police say, Boda Boda cyclists usually deliver the said letters, police therefore urges them to desist from this since its criminal and they will also be arrested for delivering such letters.

‘’We want to caution the Boda boda cyclists to desist from carrying such letters as they will likely become accomplices in the crime.’’

Police is organising a meeting with security agencies any time soon to discuss the matter.

Kampala Minister, Beti Olive Namisango Kamya has revealed she is fearing for her life after receiving death threats from unknown persons.

Last week, a leaflet from an unknown person was making rounds on social media naming a number of big shots that are slated to be killed over unknown reasons.

Speaking to journalists at her office on Thursday, Kamya confirmed seeing the leaflet before admitting that she is fearing for her life.

“I saw the list on which I am among the people to be killed and I am bothered by the leaflet since there are many murders in Kampala now days,”Kamya said before adding that she has taken the necessary precautionary measures to avoid being victim.

Kampala Minister Kamya fears for her life after receiving death threats

“I no longer put myself in unnecessary risks. As a Christian, I pray to God for protection and I also don’t move at night. I return home early on top of the security I have.”

The Kampala Minister however said if there was chance, she would meet with the assailants who want her dead so as to seek for a pardon adding that they ought to reveal all that she did wrong to them.

“I wish they could state the reason for wanting me dead. If there is something I did and is displeasing to them, they should make it known and if possible I can apologise.”

Asked whether she regrets crossing from the opposition to join government, Beti Kamya said she has no regrets because even in the opposition their goal was to get a chance to serve the public.

She was however quick to add that President Museveni’s detractors are trying to cause havoc in the country so as to discredit him on security as one of his biggest achievements for the country.

When contacted, the deputy police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango said he could neither confirm nor deny whether the minister had reported to police about the death threats.


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