Ask politicians to bring their kids with them before joining in protests- Otafiire

Nelson Bwire Kapo

The Minister for Judiciary Kahinda Otafiire, has implored youth and boda boda cyclists to task politicians to bring their family members to the frontline of protests before joining in.

According to Otafiire, most politicians are using the youth and boda boda groups for selfish interests by leading them into unnecessary protests that lead to loss of lives and arrests, which greatly impacts on their families, while the politicians continue with their lives as usual.

Otafiire now wants these groups to ask that politicians present their families at political riots and protests before they rally them to join.

“You want me to join the protest, I swallow large amounts of tear gas and get arrested? Bring your child to be part of the protest first. If you don’t want to bring your child to protest for the good cause like you claim, then you shouldn’t take me too,” he said.

“And by the way if we are to protest, let us protest for sensible things that will help us. Before someone tells you to protest, let them first give you a better perspective of things,” he added.

Otafiire made the statements while launching the Century Boda Boda Motorcycle Association in Kampala.

The Minister also asked the motorists to follow traffic rules to the dot.

“Alcohol and motorcycles don’t mix, I have ridden a motorcycle before and I know this. Also if you are found riding a bike without a helmet, we shall tell the traffic officers to arrest you and even throw away the cell keys,” he said.

A rival boda boda group had threatened to interrupt the event and stone the Minister, but they were no show. Otafiire took the opportunity to brag that he can’t be cowed by mere stones.

“I was in war where we were dealing with people who had bullets, how can mere stones scare me. Can you kill a lion and run away from a snake?”

In the previous Arua Municipality chaos, Bobi Wine’s driver Yasiin Kawuma was shot dead.

The family of Kawuma would later decry government’s and Bobi Wine’s inability to run to their rescue while the deceased’s children dropped out of school and suffered due to lack of basic needs.




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