Baganzi: Bazukulu are tired of being remembered only during elections, include them in decision making

Gerald Baganzi

Gerald Baganzi

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Over the last 7 days I had a unique opportunity to interact with youth from Busoga region, the spirit and courage exhibited was remarkable. We took time and discussed a wide range issues including but not limited to current affairs in our country.

The young people are hungry and desperate for better options, they are tending to reject the status quo and demanding a better future and many of these are willing to take risks to do so.

We discussed the current presidential assistance he is offering around the areas of Kampala and Wakiso. We agreed that it’s important for Uganda as a country to empower the Bazukulu because most of these represent a staggering human potential. However this initiative should be far reaching and for all. Many of these young people I interacted with who come from and have always predominantly voted NRM said they are only remembered during elections, they are not willing to tow this lane anymore.

We thank the President for the initiative, however criticize the implementation of the same. We want every muzukulu country wide to have the opportunity to fulfill his/her potential.  Such initiatives as the one the president has had in Kampala/Wakiso should be aimed at creating equal opportunities for all young people not a select few. For example when we talk about ghettos, these are not only in Kampala but almost all urban centers/municipalities.

This campaign should help Bazukulu from across the country to overcome poverty.

Currently the assistance in terms machines and finaces is being extended to Bazukulu without properly orienting them on sustainability and this means it will only achieve short term goals.  A proper implementation plan of such projects should be clearly laid out involving youth leaders both NRM and Local Council, NRM leadership from the secretariat below. It shouldn’t appear as though we are very desperate or have just known about the need to empower these young people. For example where is NRM leadership in all this, are they being sidelined or has their work been taken over?

The government must help the Bazukulu realise their full potential. Increasing investment in the young people is important, however more emphasis should be put on diversity skilling and creating equal employement opportunities for all.

The Bazukulu also told me there is a critical need to involve them in decision making. We can’t talk about empowering Bazukulu without actively involving them in decision making.

If the Bazukulu can be given political weight and real influence,  Uganda would be a better place.


Gerald Baganzi

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