Government causing current security crisis to create state of emergency- Besigye

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kenneth Kazibwe

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Former Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate and opposition strongman, Dr. Kizza Besigye has accused government of being behind the recent spate of insecurity in the country with a sole aim of creating a state of emergency.

A number of people have in the past few years been shot dead by unknown assailants mostly travelling on motorcycles before riding off.

Big shots including prosecutor Joan Kagezi, Maj.Muhammad Kiggundu, AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi and recently former Buyende DPC ASP Muhammad Kirumira have fallen prey to the recent spate of insecurity.

Addressing a news conference on Thursday at his office along Katonga road in Kampala, Besigye claimed that he has got credible intelligence information from his sources within and outside government confirming the allegation.

“The 2016 elections was a watershed of some sort and Museveni realized his hold onto power was shaking. What happened in 2016 forced him to ferment a state of insecurity that will lead to a state of emergency in the country,”Besigye told journalists.

Recently, a number of Members of Parliament said they had received messages by unknown people threatening to have them killed.

Besigye said cited such circumstances as those used by government to cause a state of emergency adding that the threats are real.

Political assassinations

The four time presidential candidate also alleged that there are well choreographed attempts to assassinate members of the opposition to cause fear within the public.

He alleged that is would be done by portraying infights within the opposition and this would be a trigger for the assassinations.

“This plan has been there all along though it has been through subtle means like poisoning and other undetected methods. This has however become more overt of recent,”Besigye said.

“Efforts have been made to cause actual conflict within the opposition and this would be a launch pad for the assassinations. This nearly happened in Arua as there was a well-choreographed campaign to show conflict between Kyagulanyi(Bobi Wine) and myself. What was supposed to happen in Arua was to kill Bobi Wine and arrest me for his death.”

Put to  task to explain the exodus of his ‘theories’ about the recent spate of insecurity especially in Kampala, Besigye claimed this is information he received from credible sources some time back and has been trying to crosscheck its truth.

“There is what is called circumstantial evidence. All indicators show this is the current situation .We don’t just talk recklessly. Somebody was killed in Bobi Wine’s vehicle and that is simple circumstantial evidence,” he added.

President Museveni recently said he was incensed with the spate of insecurity but noted that within nine months from now it will be a story of the past following the installation of CCTV cameras will have been installed on almost all major highways and centres in the towns of the country.

“These idiots (criminals) don’t know the elephants they are fighting with. I am annoyed and pained by these unnecessary deaths of Ugandans; but I am confident because we have the capacity to respond,”Museveni noted during his address about the state of security in the country.

“By the end of 9 months from today, most of the elements of the smart and safe city will be in place. We can, then, scale down the reliance on human intelligence and human observation because the technical means(machines) will be in place.”





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