Prof.Nawangwe reports FDC’s Nyanjura to Lord Mayor Lukwago for promoting strikes at Makerere

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kenneth Kazibwe

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Makerere University Vice Chancellor, Prof.Barnabas Nawangwe has petitioned the Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago  over FDC and university councilor to KCCA Doreen Nyanjura.

Last month, Prof.Nawangwe suspended several students from the Ivory Tower for circulating messages on social media calling for defiance and disruption of the university activities, a move he said was intended to cause anarchy and also spoil Makerere’s name.

Meanwhile, on all occasions, Nyanjura has been seen advocating for the suspended students before asking the university to rescind the decision.

However, in a letter dated September 28, Prof. Nawangwe has written to Lukwago to bring to his attention Nyanjura’s unbecoming behaviour that could tarnish the university’s image.

“Ms.Nyanjura has openly encouraged behavior among our students which is not compatible with a university of international repute such as Makerere. There are also allegations that she has funded students to engage in disruptive activities,” says Nawangwe’s letter to Lukwago.

The Kampala Capital City Authority Councilor nicknamed ‘FDC preacher’ has on all occasions blamed the university under Prof.Nawangwe of closing political space for students at the Ivory Tower.

However, in his letter to the Kampala Lord Mayor, Nawangwe says Nyanjura’s behaviour is unacceptable at a university of Makerere’s stature.

“Your Lordship, I humbly request you to counsel Ms.Nyanjura to desist from promoting hooliganism among our students. A stable and academically progressive Makerere is a big asset to all of us Ugandans irrespective of social, religious or political affiliation,” he notes in a letter copied to the Kampala minister and chairperson Makerere University council.

Nyanjura responds

When contacted by the Nile Post, Nyanjura said she can never be silenced in her fight for students’ rights, blaming Prof.Nawangwe of being a dictator.

“Nawangwe needs to tame his excitement. He is so quick to react and act. He doesn’t believe people can hold divergent views. You either side with him or you automatically become an enemy and he will fight you with all the tools at his disposal,”Nyanjura said.

According to the Makerere University councilor at City Hall, Prof.Nawangwe has never talked her in regards the concerns in the letter, a thing she said shows lack of management skills on his side.

He is a dictator that doesn’t believe in dialogue and I was very shocked to see his letter to the Lord Mayor. I beg him to cease and desist from casting further aspersions on my character just because I disagree with his oppressive administration,”the KCCA councilor said.

“Whether I am a council member or not, whether an area councilor or not, I will never be silenced in the face of injustices.”






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