Motorcross riders brace for MX round 6 challenge this month in Busiika

Grace Lindsay Mbabazi

Over 70 riders including foreigners will grace the 2018 Motor Cross Round 6 challenge to be held in Busiika on Sunday 30th of September.

American sprint kings Ray Leybovich, Christopher Thies, and Preston Boespflug will arrive in the country tomorrow while other foreigners are expected to touch base a day after.

This is anticipated to be one of the biggest Motorcross championships to ever be hosted in the Pearl of Africa owing to the talent it has attracted.

Team Uganda’s captain Maxime Van Pee views the competition from the guest riders more as a spice to the championship than a challenge.

He says that their recent triumph at the continental championships in Zambia will be their benchmark in the quest for victory.

 “Six guest riders will be part of the challenge. we were racing with them in Zambia two weeks ago and we saw how impressive they were.  Having guest riders will help us improve and have more exposure.”

 The organisers have ensured that the track will not be an excuse for any of the riders.

It has been refurbished with sand as the challenge nears. This competition will also serve as a test for Team Uganda as they shape up for the upcoming MXOAN scheduled for next year in Zimbabwe.



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