Uganda beats Kenya in strong start to the Netball Championship

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By Ahabu Bwesigye & Ritah Tugumisirize 

Uganda is at it again. Team Uganda has cemented its reputation in the on going World University Netball Championship by beating Kenya 105-15 goals today morning at Makerere University.

At exactly 10am, team Uganda opened up day 2 of the world university netball championship with Kenya at  Makerere University.

Kenya turned out to be a walkover for the hosts Uganda with a 105-15 drubbing.

She Cranes goal shooter Mary Nuba opened the scoring  galore giving Uganga a lead in the first set. Uganda dominated until the last quarter. The scores were quarter 1, Uganda 25-4 Kenya, Quarter 2, Uganda 25-3 Kenya, Quarter 3, Uganda 30-3 and Quarter 4, Uganda 25-5.

At the end of the game team Uganda GS Mary Nuba had grabbed 75 goals.

Meanwhile, the defending champions South Africa also beat Siri Lanka 117-6. South Africa Managed to win 27-02 in quater 1, 28-01 in quater 2, 29-02,quarter 3, and 32-01 totalling 116-6

So far, Uganda and south Africa enjoy an unbeaten run in all games at all quarters.

In the evening Uganda took on Singapore for their second game winning with 77-19 goals

quatter one 19-6

Quarter 2 15-4

Quarter 3 19-4

Quarter 4,  24-5

Joan Nampungu, Who also plays as a Goal defender attributes todays success to hardwork, and determination., and shes hopeful Uganda will win the championship

” We have really worked hard to be here, played very many games and we determined to win this tournament. Although the other teams are good, we are better.” Joan Nampungu said.

Singapore becomes the first team to exhibit some levels of challenge to team Uganda despite having short players. The team was seen having special attacks, being skillful on the court

” Playing with taller players is a challenge, but we try to do our best, although we have lost the game, we are still strong and hopeful that we shall win the game,” says Singapores Wing Attacker, Tabitha said.

Business resumes tomorrow at the same venue as the hosts take rest.

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