Kkoolo dance-theatre-fashion show set for 22nd in Jinja

Nabukenya Aminah

Nabukenya Aminah

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Statistics by International Labor Organisation (ILO) indicate that Uganda’s measured unemployment rates are relatively low for the region though they have been increasing over time .

Leaders and government have always asked youth to embark on innovation and creativity to create jobs.

For the first time in Uganda Kkoolo arts will be showcasing a Dance-Fashion-theatre show Breaking Androgynouse in Jinja a town to address creativity in art, gender and fashion.

The event that will take place on the 22nd of September will be at Kimaka Amber Court given its old architectural designs that used to house a famous nightclub in the 1970’s and once hosted by the Queen of England in the 1960s.

The fashion night will feature stories of young people talking about gender, Culture and identity.

According to the Lead organiser Philp Buyi , The event is a conclusion of Kkoolo activities such as; a training camp, which had different fashion designers, trained, auditions of different actors, models and dancers.

“Breaking androgynous is a storytelling show that mixes Art Forms to explore attitudes around gender & involving young people in a co-productive approach in order to encourage social inclusion and community cohesion with an emphasis on the history, bio-stories, patterns, images and games from the culture of Uganda in the early times of chiefdoms and kingdoms through fashion-dance-drama,” Philp said.

For the last three months, Kkoolo has provided various training and workshop with tailors, Illustrators, designers and dance choreographers in creation for the breaking androgynous production in a secured safe warehouse as the production process venue

The event seeks to address issues in regards to innovation, creativity and inclusiveness as well as youth empowerment. It is important to note that youth unemployment in Uganda remain a serious policy challenges. Kkoolo arts projects Organizers believe that with Art unemployment can be addressed through gender, innovation and creativity.

Created in 2012, Kkoolo arts projects operates at the intersection of the art projects and economic development. Kkoolo is dedicated to the development of the local job market and youth empowerment through skill development, employment opportunities to the youth using the fashion brand.

The brand which officially operates as a costume designing art dressing up actors, dancers and musicians for staged shows like Sauti Sol, Maurice Kirya, Nutty Neithan, Tabu Flo, Kamara Raymond, Dj Faizo Ddamba Mostrixx, Richard Tuhangi fun

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