Museveni turns 74 as he talks security; A look at his previous four birthdays

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President Museveni makes 74 years today but there will not be any pomp as the fountain of honour seeks to allay fears that the security situation in the country he has ruled for over three decades, has not gotten out of hand.

Museveni was initially documented as a born of August 15, 1944, but he also found trouble placing his age. Museveni noted in his Sowing the Mustard Seed book that his parents were illiterate and could only approximate timelines based on historical events.

Accounts offered in the book indicated his probable year of birth was “about” 1944. “I use the word ‘about’ because my parents were illiterate and so did not know the date. In such circumstances, dates were associated with events,” Mr Museveni wrote. “In my case, my parents had two events for dating the approximate time of my birth. First of all, I was born during mass vaccination of cattle against rinder-pest and secondly, a king had just died. That was Omugabe of Ankole, Kahaya II who died in 1944. Another king was installed in 1945 and, according to my mother, I was born nearer to the death of the old king than the installation of the new one. That is how I settled on the year 1944.”

However, in August last year, Museveni while at St Luke Church of Uganda, Kinoni Archdeaconry in Rwampara, Mbarara District was able to stumble upon his baptism records which automatically helped his math to place date of birth.

This is the church where he was baptised on August 3, 1947. He said he was baptised when he was two years and 11 months old. According to the church records, Mr Museveni’s baptism number is 3769.

He was baptised on the same day with his parents Amos Kaguta and Esteri Kokundeka (both deceased). The family members had converted to Christianity.

Museveni at the same church revealed that he was born in September 1944 contrary to other records including; Wikipedia.

Unfortunately for Museveni, his birthday this year comes with its own troubles. The president who will be addressing the nation for the second time under a week is troubled by the security loops.

According to his handlers, the only program for the day is meetings and a press conference later in the evening to speak about Uganda’s security situation.

Museveni’s son Muhoozi Kainerugaba has already taken to social media to wish him a happy birthday.

“Happy birthday to Mzee wa kazi. Almighty God continue to richly bless you.”


Museveni’s previous four birthdays

At 70

On September 15, 2014, Museveni celebrated quietly celebrated his 70th birthday with his grandchildren, daughters and close relatives at his country home on Rwakitura.

Museveni at the birthday was full of praise for his wife Janet Kataha for raising great children and building the family.

“When we got married, we faced turbulent times. I didn’t look after the children; it was Janet. She was very strict; she did all the work and I’m very grateful to her.

“The Banyankole say that when a man becomes of age he has to kwombeka (build a home). She built our home. Okwombeka now means getting an education, then a wife, then children and after that wealth. Janet has helped me do all this,” he said.

The ceremony that was organised by children and attended mainly by close family, started with a thanksgiving service led by Rev. Emmanuel Katamunanwire from Nshwere Church of Uganda.

A 71 (2015)

Museveni celebrated his 71st birthday with a thanksgiving at Mt Zion Prayer Centre, Bukalango, in Nadangira Parish Wakiso District.

Quoting from the Holy Bible, Mathew: Chapter 7 Verse 7, “Ask and it will be given, seek and you will find”, Mr Museveni noted that what was a battle field (Bukalango) was now a place of worship. He thanked the religious leaders for teaching the people to work hard. He thanked the congregation for praying for him, his family and for Uganda.

He made a cash donation of Shs20m to Mount Zion Prayer Centre Bukalango and pledged a donation of shs500m towards the establishment of a TV Station to facilitate the spreading of the Gospel.

At 72 (2016)

Museveni turned 72 with no pomp at all, as his day was characterized by several meetings. His family took to social media to wish him a happy birthday.

One of such messages was from his wife who said; “Thank you for being the man and the blessing you have been to our family and nation.”

However, Museveni’s day was hijacked by opposition who took on debate and jubilation that the President’s birthday was bringing him closer to retirement age as enshrined in the Constitution.

At 73 (2017)

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s 73rd birthday found him in Abuja Nigeria, where he was invited as chief guest at the National Defence College’s inauguration of its 26th class.

The President delivered a lecture on Integration, prosperity and African Strategic security at the National Defence College upon arrival.

However, before his lecture, the class congratulated President Museveni on his 73rd birthday, singing him a birthday song.

The commandant of the college, Rear Admiral AA Osinowo and Nigeria’s Defence Minister Mansur Muhammed Dan Ali also presented the President with a birthday gift of a bust (a sculpture of President Museveni).














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