I would choose a ‘bad’ Museveni over Bobi Wine any day- Former Presidential Aspirant

Nelson Bwire Kapo

Former Presidential aspirant, Maureen Kyalya has said that despite Museveni’s overstay in power, he is far better on any day, than the newly anointed people power leader in Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyo Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine.

Kyalya who herself bluntly told President Museveni to quit power in 2016, now says given a choice between Museveni and Bobi Wine, she would pick Museveni.

According to Kyalya, Bobi Wine and the people power stand for violence, intimidation and discrediting Uganda’s image in the eyes of the international community all in the name of change.

Kyalya said that the behavior by youth who were chanting people power at slain police officer Muhammad Kirumira’s burial, while chasing government officials, is the climax of her rejection towards Bobi Wine’s pressure group and what they stand for.

The former aspirant claims that Bobi Wine and group have also taken to the international stage to unwrite the good things about the country, which is ‘humiliating the country’.

“Honestly Museveni has overstayed in power but that does not necessarily mean Uganda has the worst president on earth. But watching what the people power did at Kirumira funeral I doubt NRM can ever be that violent and insensitive. I personally wish to publicly disassociate myself with anything to do with people power leaned opposition and even if I am stoned and booed and chased like a dog if I have no one to stand with me I will stand with #YKMuseveni until the last day,” Kyalya said.

“So much was done to him in fact he was shot by the Obote regime and everyone around him died but he never made such a fuss about humiliating Uganda as a country by washing all our dirty linen in public. I am expecting insults but I will either stand alone or with #YKMuseveni for now if I must choose between NRM; FDC and People Power.I do not subscribe to the NRM leadership but neither do I identify with popularism and insensitivity towards the protection of the sovereignty of our mother land Uganda,” she added.

Bobi Wine and People Power pressure group have already received stick for promoting the politics of violence and intimidation. Rcently, a section of scholars also lashed out at Bobi Wine for his direct involvement with foreign lawyer Robert Amsterdam, who was calling for sanctioning aid to Uganda.


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