At this stage, Napoleon is finally naked

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Those that were able to open a few pages of that crazy book Animal farm can understand what point I am trying to bring across. In this Ugandan version of animal farm, things are not any different only that our Napoleon has out lasted the one in the book. And of course new characters have been added to this version.

It all started out 32 years ago, Napoleon came out and identified the challenges Ugandan animals were facing, of course the previous man had done some good damage to the farm by becoming the farm and the farm becoming him, and as well declaring himself the farm. Anyone who disagreed with man was committing treason.

Injustice was written on the wall, so other animals read and rallied behind the good Napoleon and eventually man had to flee into exile. Napoleon became a darling, a sweetheart and a symbol of a new life at the farm. Things improved instantly, and majority of the animals were pleased.

In 1995 perfect comandments were written with consultations from other animals. The commandments allowed anyone in Napoleon’s place to stay for only two terms of five years each. The commandments also set 75 as the age limit for anyone who aspired for Napoleon’s position.

Down the road, like a puzzle things started to change. Napoleon had learnt nothing and had forgotten nothing from his predecessors.

Other animals suffered as pigs enjoyed all the benefits at the farm. Napoleon’s family lived large at the expense of other animals.

Massive corruption became something common, billions of farm money disappeared over time at Napoleon’s watch. Pigs ate money meant for national development and walked away with it.

Napoleon’s tolerance also started to fade. Snowball came and challenged him, and in return, Napoleon set his dogs on him.

He was brutally beaten, arrested, and had several crimes planted on him. At one time he had to flee to exile. His followers were not spared, gross animal rights violations were orchestrated by the dogs.

As Napoleon showed Snowball and his followers his omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence, he did not spare birds that were passing this information to others.

The innocent parrots have always been beaten, intimidated and arrested on their jobs. The dogs have always walked away with the harassment and assault of the parrots.

Some times their nests have been shut down for passing information the pigs feel is a danger to the security of the farm.

Fast forward to the current situation. 32 years have passed and Napoleon shows no sign of retiring. Infact he has changed the commandments to one rule.

“All Animals are equal, but some are more equal than the others.” He has become a shadow of his former self. He has made it clear that he is not a servant of any animal.

A younger Snowball has come to the scenes and has given new hope to the animals. He has defeated Napoleon four times and it looks Napoleon is a bad looser.

Given an opportunity where a stone was thrown at Napoleon’s procession.

He probably authorized to do whatever they want to young Snowball and his followers. So one was shot. Young Snowball and his allies were arrested brutally beaten to near death.

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