Teacher arrested for defiling three pupils in exchange for marks in exams, mathematical sets

Nelson Bwire Kapo

Police in Mukono are holding a teacher attached to St Stephen’s Primary School Nakapiny, Nama Sub county, Mukono District for allegedly defiling three of his pupils.

The suspect, a teacher of social studies according to Police coaxed the pupils by promising to make them pass their mock exams and also assist them in paying their secondary school fees. The three girls are aged 13, 14 and 15 and all in primary seven.

While it is reported that two of the girls were defiled once each, one of the girls alleges the teacher defiled her on six occasions.

The school administration revealed to police that the teacher had registered one of the girls under his guardianship given that she was an orphan and unable to provide herself a decent education. The teacher convinced her relatives and the school administration into letting him assist in educating the girl.

“When one of the girls was sent back home for school fees, the teacher on realising this, excused himself and went back home where he defiled her from the pit latrine, gave her 20000/- to pay as school fees,” a statement from police reads

Police affirms that the suspect then instructed the victim not to reveal the incident to anyone and ordered her to go to class.

The suspect was discovered after the girl developed severe abdominal complications, and tipped her aunt who dashed to the school to report the matter.

“The victim narrated her ordeal to the aunt who immediately reported a case to the police and the teacher was apprehended. Its through this that the other two stigmatised young girls came out of silence and spoke up against their teacher,” a statement from police reads.

One of the victims told police the teacher had defiled her since May 2018, the other two recalled the dates as 2nd July 2018 and 22nd July 2018 respectively.

Another victim narrated that given the gift of a mathematical set he had bought her, she feared the consequences in the event that she refused to give in to her teacher’s demands.

The third victim stated that the suspect had threatened to fail and get her expelled from school should she refuse to sleep with him.

“The minors have been taken for medical examination and the results for all three pupils confirm evidence of a ruptured hymen. The suspect is currently detained at Mukono Police Station,charged with aggravated defilement vide CRB 1060/2018,1062/2018 and 1073/2018 pending court,” the statement continues.


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