China defends itself against racist charges as it offers Ugandans more scholarships

Zahra Namuli

The Chinese Embassy in Uganda has dismissed reports that China is cracking down on Ugandans and Nigerians.

Addressing the media on Wednesday, the Chinese Ambassador Zheng Zhuqiang explained that this was not a decision taken by the Chinese government.

Ambassador Zheng Zhuqiang, revealed that while reports have been received on how Ugandan nationals are denied admission in key city hotels. These cases where reported in Guangzhou and Guangdong provinces.

The ambassador asserted that the Chinese government had ordered these hotels to drop the earlier communications that denied Ugandans and any other Africans places of abode in major hotels.

Data from from immigration shows that over 10, 000 Ugandans visit China every year which testifies to the close relations between China and Uganda.

To cement the ties, the Chinese embassy has offered 30 scholarships to less privileged Makerere University students amounting to 85Million shillings.

Prof William Bazeeyo, Makerere University Vice chancellor, says this will go along way in boosting education in Uganda.

He however reminded the beneficiaries that they will be closely be monitored.

He noted that five students had already been suspended for indiscipline.

The state minister for higher education JC Muyingo hailed the Chinese government for partnering with Uganda to boost the education sector.

Since 2001, the Chinese embassy has given 1029 scholarships to Ugandan students in Makerere University, following this admission this number now grows to 1059

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