NCDC unveils virtual learning system

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Aminah Nabukenya

The National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) has unveiled the virtual learning system for secondary school learners.

Unveiling the system at NCDC offices in Kyambogo today, James Asile Droti, the head of secondary curriculum specialist-chemistry said the program will help the learners to improve and understand all subjects easily.

He explained that the system acts as remedial learning for students.

Droti revealed that the content has already been uploaded for all subjects both online and offline.

The system also helps students to do self-assessment before progressing to the next topic. One who fails assessment cannot progress to the next topic.

Droti noted that so far over 50 schools have subscribed to the system.

He noted that the system will solve the issue of learning distortion which he said has led to failure of many students.

According to Droti, students will have to pay between sh5000 and 10,000 for the system on top of procuring the tabs.

For students who cannot afford the fee, pop centres will be established at schools to cater for them.

Droti said the ideal of the system was proposed by late Abbey Lwendeire on realising that Uganda was lagging behind in adopting technology in learning compared to other East African countries.

He however revealed that it will not replace classroom lessons.

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