Beti Kamya “happy” that FDC is in turmoil, says party has tasted its bitter medicine

Esther Namutamba

The Minister for Kampala, Beti Olive Kamya has said the internal wrangles within the FDC precipitated by last week’s reshuffle of its leaders in parliament, have been long in the offing.

Kamya, a founding member of FDC, said when she pointed out some of the wrongs in FDC, she was attacked by some people before she was eventually thrown out.

“What is happening in FDC is very good for Uganda for many reasons, because it teaches us about real life politics in Uganda,” Kamya said.

She said it is hypocritical for some FDC leaders to criticise NRM yet they are worse.

I am one of the persons who have faced  the party’s wrath  when the party’s constitution was changed during the nomination day, so what Winnie Kiiza is talking about has not started today but way back when the party has just started,” she said.

Last week, Amuriat dropped Winnie Kiiza as leader of opposition in parliament and replaced her with Betty Aol Ochan, the Gulu Woman MP.

Kiiza, the Kasese Woman MP, has not taken the reshuffle in good faith and yesterday, she told journalists that she had not yet received formal communication to the effect that she has been replaced. As thus, she said, she will continue performing the duties of a leader of opposition.

I am still Leader of Opposition in Parliament – Winnie Kiiza

Kamya said while Betty Ochan is very experienced and a good choice for leader of opposition, FDC had blundered in replacing Abdu Katuntu as chairperson of COSASE with Mubarak Munyagwa, the Kawempe South MP.

“Substituting Munyagwa for Katuntu is unfortunate. Katuntu is not a team leader but he is competent.  Munyagwa is cheer leader but not competent,” she said.

She repeated her controversial predication that President Museveni will garner 85% votes in Kampala because FDC does not have grassroots structures in the city.

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