I am still Leader of Opposition in Parliament – Winnie Kiiza

Nelson Bwire Kapo

Kasese Woman Member of Parliament and former Leader of Opposition in Parliament (LoP), Winnie Kiiza claims she is yet to receive official communication removing her from office.

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC)) party president, Patrick Oboi Amuriat Friday dropped Kiiza as LoP and replaced her with Gulu Woman legislator Betty Aol Achan.

While ringing the changes, Amuriat said the “changes are done in good faith for the well being of the party and the well being of our country to rid this country of the dictatorship.” He dismissed claims that his shake up was aimed at targeting pro-Muntu legislators.

The FDC president in a live broadcast notified that the changes would take place with immediate effect and parliament would be advised so.

However, Kiiza now insists she is yet to receive official communication she has been replaced.

“I have been away in the United States of America on official duty. I have heard and read in our dailies about the changes in the Forum for Democratic Change,” she said.

“As a person who believe in institutions, am yet to be officially told about the said changes. At the moment we are still in office until such a time when we receive official communication,” she added.

In November last year Winnie Kiiza dared Amuriat to sack her from the office as means of executing his threat of disbanding the opposition leadership in parliament.

LOP Winnie Kiiza dares Amuriat to sack her

Kiiza who supported Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu in the recent FDC presidential elections told The Nile Post that she was ready for any consequences including being removed as leader of the opposition.

Kiiza who is also Kasese Woman MP said it is the moment of truth for a team that castigated Gen Muntu for constituting the shadow cabinet after a group FDC leaders who support Dr Kizza Besigye, opposed the move.

“I expect them to write to parliament to say they are not going to constitute the leadership in parliament because that is what has been their message. They said they believe in one party and one strategy so let them walk the talk,” Kiiza said.






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