​FRESHERS GUIDE; Four easy steps to help you fit in

Jonah Kirabo

Jonah Kirabo

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The long vacation, or “vacay” as a millennial would term is finally at its apex, Freshmen are looking forward to a new beginning in whichever universities and institutions that they were admitted to.

Congratulations! We really know how it feels when you’re new in town and you actually want to act like you’ve been around for quite long. This would be very okay but sadly, you our dear freshers choose to fox yourselves and leave us with no choice but to look at you in total dismay. ‘Huh! look, the cat is finally out of the bag!!’ Now that you’re reading this, We bring you four steps that will help you stand out of the pack;

1.Mind your expression

Many freshers decide to put on a tough look like they’ve just fought with black panther. Girls on the other end come in rolling eyes up and down like a cat being teased with a saucer of meat and lines like “OMG!!” which is so high school!

Well, we know you’ve been caged for the last six years but brother, don’t hit campus swinging your palm punches with imaginary hip-hop verses flowing through your head. Its not cool.

2. Girls, manage your hair-do

Just a moment, which local musician is ‘the thing’ now? Ohhh yes.. Vinka! Vinka could be having a million people trying out every strand of hair she got, but my dear fresher, only if you would wish to appear like a suffering version of Vinka, don’t dare try that otherwise you’ll completely make a fox of yourself.

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3. Drop the huge envelopes!

Why move around with huge khaki envelopes just because you have your documents ready for registration? Is a small, easy bag that expensive? Even the ‘rolex’ guy will spot you from a far and abuse the freshman in you. Put your envelope in a nice clean bag and only put it out when its required.

4. Don’t move in ‘gangs’ when you can avoid it

Look, am not asking you to isolate your self from your peers. I know your whole form six class made it to campus but this doesn’t mean you must bounce through compass in swarms. It’s so first-year!

Get one or two peers and move along with those if you intend not to appear so “fresh”

That said, Campus is a really good experience. It is a good place to be, but even better if you know the rules of the game, don’t loose it while trying to look so cool.

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