Museveni has ruled for “only” 32 years, why deny him more years?

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Last week, four justices among the five judges of the Constitutional court voted in favour of removing the age limit from the Constitution.

I could not agree more.

Age limit was the only reason why our super president was failing to perform excellently.

Instead of thinking about issues of national interest, he was so worried that he could not be allowed to stand again.

This was demotivating his benevolent service to our nation that can not survive without him. I am glad the good man can stay as much as he wants now.

It was also unfair that age was about to shorten the reign of our beloved leader after all he has done for us.

After ruling for a few 32 years, it was so unfair to have him step down before he finishes all he dreamt of doing for our poor nation.

At least now since age limit has been kicked out of the Constitution, he can be added at least a few more sixty something years in power.

The silly article in the Constitution was going to deprive the nation fruits of the president’s drip irrigation initiative that is key to driving Uganda to middle income status.

With such ideas dying because of just a word on paper?

It was very unjust to have it in our laws. It was disheartening for him to leave before all the nation is filled with drip irrigation schemes.

The presidency is good for our president’s health.

For 32 years he has been comfortable in the role of presidency. His body, thoughts and minds are all used to being president.

So it is recommended by doctors that such good healthy practices should be maintained. These include traveling all around the country, campaigning for party candidates and having tête-à-têtes with heads of states.

The age limit thing was going to take him out of office which is not good for his health.

This comfort is also good for his friends and family.

Museveni and his family meet the Pope

Age limit was unfair since it was only applied to only one president in the history of Uganda.

All our good presidents such a Milton Obote and Idi Amin Dada ruled until they got tired and took vacations in exile.

It was unfair to deny our dear president such great opportunity.

The country was going to lose a lot of friends if age limit was still in the Constitution.

The president has been there for a short time but he is  almost a friend to every former, current and future president of almost every nation plus a few popes.

Without him, we are not sure if any new one can be loved like he is. The new president may fail to even do great things for our national friends such as shutting down roads whenever they come.

It is not a good idea changing a leader. If our fathers are not changed, why should we change the father of the nation?

It is poor, uncivilised and miserable countries like the U.K, U.S and France that keep on changing their leaders.

Very rich, democratic and stable countries like North Korea and Zimbabwe rarely do, we should emulate such important examples.

Since now age limit has been kicked out of the Constitution, there is reason to celebrate.

Our good nation will remain the same and nothing will change.

The hospitals will continue to treat every disease with such efficiency that only small diseases such as flue will continue to be referred to India.

Medicines will continue to overflow in private pharmacies and taxes will be increased on them so that locals could easily afford them.

The police will continue to massage every demonstrator with a few tear gas canisters and bullets. Our perfect roads will continue to have ever expanding potholes as artistic designs.

We shall as well have our dear president’s winning percentage rise to 100% in elections. And Ugandans will worship and praise our darling president.

The author is a political satirist

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