MPs’ armored cars to cost taxpayer Shs 150b

Zahra Namuli

Zahra Namuli

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It will be a tough financial road for ministry of finance to purchase armored vehicles for the over 450 legislators as directed by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Estimates from one of the world’s leading manufacturer of armored vehicles, who has also been in Uganda for a feasibility study puts the cost at between Shs 102 to 152Billion.

With the Budget for the financial year 2018/2019 already effected , one wonders where this money will be got.

Speaking to NBS TV, the secretary to the treasurer Keith Muhakanizi says the ministry of finance will duly advise the President on way forward as far as purchasing these escort vehicles for Members of parliament is concerned.

“We shall discuss this, we are paid to advise the president we shall advise the president on this or implement this decision the best way possible,” he said

The skeptical Muhakanizi could however not state where they intended to get the money to purchase these armored escort vehicles.

An interaction with Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles (MSPV) a company that specializes in light armored vehicles for both tactical and non-tactical military applications revealed that the move to purchase these vehicles is not coming up for the first time.

Some company executives were invited to Uganda through a one Asaph Tumuhimbise on a similar deal to manufacture these vehicles for the UPDF and the Uganda police, a deal which ended prematurely.

“Asaph was an agent who told us he worked as the supplier for police and army, we later understood he was not when we visited Uganda last month.”

According to Marc Rouelle, CEO Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles, there are two priority armored cars that Uganda could interest themselves with.

One is the Toyota Hilux 2018 that costs 60,000 USD about 225,312,000 Million shillings each.

For 452 legislators, Uganda will need 101,841,024,000Bn shillings for this type of car.

The second alternative is the Toyota Land cruiser that costs 90,000 USD about 338 Million shillings for each car.

To purchase this exact type of armored car, Uganda will spend 152,776,000,000 Billion shillings for the 452 Legislators

Uganda last purchased a similar vehicle during Kazini’s reign, this cost the country about 700M shillings


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