Tax Body URA Extends Business Management Skills to Youth Entrepreneurs

Nassali Fatiah

Youth unemployment in Uganda is one of the biggest challenges that hold back the growth of the country’s economy and the situation has been tagged on the education system that trains more of seeker rather than makers.

Many have decided to forget about their profession to doing business but lack of enough skills to run them has proved to be a set to them.

It’s here that government agencies like Uganda Revenue Authority have come up to try and clean the mess.

Reports from the National Planning Authority indicate that over 700,000 youth join the job market but only 90,000 find work, many end up joining informal business which they do not know how to run effectively.

According to the Commissioner General of Uganda Revenue Authority Doris Akol Uganda has gone beyond having a degree but additional skills are required for one to be able to run even a small business.

“Many youths are now running business as they failed to get those they enrolled in but having limited skills when it comes managing them is now a problem that we need to address “noted Doris Akol.

Ian Rumanyika, URA Public and Cooperate Affairs manager, noted that while growing the tax base is the revenue body’s major task, skilling that population to run their businesses is also their mandate.

All the motivational speakers at the event put more emphasis on financial management, time management more so youths advised to avoid taking loans as much as possible.

Motivational speaker Ethan Musolini said, ‘I feel bad whenever I find youths lining up commercial banks to acquire loans yet their elders’ business are no more because of debts. Start with the little you have before thinking of bank loan.s’

Akamai Global leader James Abola said, “Most of you have attendance spending anyhow and borrowing money to people money which you can’t recover, in this economy all money spend should be accounted for”