ISO arrest suspected ADF operative with chemicals used to make explosives

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kenneth Kazibwe

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Internal Security Organisation (ISO) has arrested a 37 year old man suspected to be an operative for the Allied Democratic Forces rebel group with chemicals used to make explosives.

On Monday, Jamil Muwonge who addressed himself as a shop attendant at Mutukula but hails from Ssembabule was paraded before the media at the ISO headquarters in Kampala.

“I was asked by one of my relatives to meet someone by the names of Amigo who later took me with him to the Congo forests before I started transporting items to them,”Muwonge said.

“I had picked the items from someone called Andrew and I was informed these were chemicals used as herbicides and also spray crops.”

He said he had been arrested while on a Link bus in Bulenga, Wakiso district but denied working for ADF
On being quizzed, Muwonge insisted he didn’t know he was transporting chemicals used to make explosives, adding he had been informed these just herbicides.

According to the suspect, he was supposed to deliver the package to someone at Bwera border post near Kasese.

“I am not a rebel and I am asking for forgiveness joining things I didn’t know.I always thought it was herbicides,” he added.

According to ISO, the suspect was arrested with a number of chemicals including ammonium nitrate, magnesium oxide, lead nitrate and potassium nitrate, timer watches, batteries.

ISO experts explained that the chemicals are sold in ordinary shops but can be mixed by experienced people to make explosives.

ISO Director General, Col,Kaka Bagyenda said there are a number of threats to the security of the country but said they are on top of the game.

The ADF rebels operate mainly in the DRC forests and are responsible for a number of people killed in the past.

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