PM Modi’s visit: “Arrogant organisers” anger some Indian associations

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A number of associations of the Indian community in Uganda have said they will boycott the visit of India Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Uganda next month due to the “arrogance of the organisers.”

Modi is slated to visit Uganda on July 24.

He will hold bilateral talks with President Museveni and also officially open the convention Center in Entebbe.

In a petition to the India High Commissioner to Uganda Ravi Shanka, the heads of 15 Indian associations express dismay over the fact that their voices have been silenced especially regarding accountability of the money raised so far to help in organising the visit.

“We the undersigned heads/officer bearers of various committees strongly protest and express a great sense of dissatisfaction in which the core committee was nominated by your good offices, despite discussions and agreement of Mr Vijay Chauthaivale that at least 20 leaders from various communities, associations and bodies be nominated,” the petition to the High Commissioner reads in part.

It adds: “To our utter dismay, your office pronounced 10 names of the core committee of which a majority and past or present leaders of the present association, which association we may add is not one with the grass root level of representation as against the bodies that have been left out.”

The letter is signed by representatives from Jitu Sorathiya, Paresh Mehta, Hindu Council of Africa, Paresh Sharma, North Gujarat Association and Lohanna Community, among others.

The community leaders also accuse the organising committee on not being forthcoming regarding the money raised so far.

“To add to the injury, the actions of the said core committee have so far been grossly unbecoming of a sound leadership, which with the proposed budget of expenditure of over one billion shillings, and unclear intentions in choosing the venue for the address by the PM,” the letter reads in part.

The Nile Post reported last month that money had divided the indian business community ahead of Modi’s visit.

Money divides Indian business community ahead of Modi’s visit to Uganda

In the meetings convened by the core committee that is organising the visit, it was agreed that each Indian community with less than 100 people contributes at least Shs 2 million while that with more than 100 members contributes Shs 5 million. Individual business people were also told to contribute some money.

Our sources told us then that hundreds of millions of shillings have been raised but attempts by some members to demand for accountability had not been successful.

Therefore the latest threat by some associations to boycott Modi’s visit is likely to reflect badly on the organising committee.


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