Members of Parliament divided on the Mobile Money and Social Media Tax

Sam Ibanda Mugabi

A section of legislators sitting on the parliamentary committee of finance have disowned the committee report on both the social media and mobile money taxes arguing the clause on the increment was just smuggled into the report.

These committee members who were mandated the responsibility of scrutinizing the new nine tax bills, argued the resolution on both mobile Money and social media tax was to maintain the status quo.

The concerned legislators have also challenged the minutes of the house on the two taxes that majority of the legislators supported the bill contrary to their voting.

As Ugandans continue to exert pressure on both parliament and government over the new taxes, secrets in both the finance committee and parliament behind the passing of the now controversial taxes have been disclosed.

To the Committee members Luttamaguzi Ssemakula of Nakaseke South and others, the clause in the report recommending the establishment of taxes on both social media and mobile money was just smuggled into the report that was presented before the august house.

These committee members argue the decision on the now controversial taxes was to maintain the status quo.

It is not only the committee chairperson Henry Musasizi that is faulted for smuggling in the content, but also the Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanya is on the spot light for undermining the voices of representatives that opposed these taxes.

MPs Sizomu Wabedde of Bungokho North, Luttamaguzi Ssemakula, Joseph Ssewungu of Kalungu West, Felix Okot Ogong of Dokolo South and Nelson Lufafa of Butembe County who all attended the parliamentary sitting testified their statements.

The legislators now want Parliament procure a new technological system that will help the Speaker in determining the status of the voting in the house.

But speaking to the committee Chairperson Henry Musasizi, the claims that he forged the report are baseless questioning why they are raising the matter now after the passing of the bill.

He adds that is not moved by the claims from the legislators.

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