Museveni is telling lies with promises of body guards for MPs- Opposition MPs

Zahra Namuli

Several opposition legislators have scoffed at President Yoweri Museveni’s directive to have body guards and an escort vehicle attached to every Member of Parliament. NBS Televison caught up with the legislators in Fort Portal many of whom missed the presidential address yesterday on official duties.

These MPs were in Fort Portal inspecting the state of Uganda’s prisons in the area.

The Leader of Opposition Winnie Kiiza could not hide her disappointment when she heard of the directive.

Kiiza had this to say, “Security should not be for smaller section of people.  It does not make MPS anymore secure when they have body guards yet there is insecurity everywhere in the society where they stay. The idiots the president says are killing people, are not only looking for legislators.”

Winnie Kiiza says, the security question in Uganda has long been ignored that these simple directives will not help save the situation

Kiiza concluded, “The president is only sort of telling us that I am no longer in position to take care of the country all we can tell him is Mr President step aside and let us have some one in capability take over for the good of Ugandans.”

Muwanga Kivumbi, the shadow minister for Internal Affairs, said that Uganda’s insecurity burden has drivers that need to be addressed.

Kivumbi reased, “The corruption, unemployment that has burdened Ugandans, these are the things that need to be addressed immediately if the security situation is to get better.”

Busiro East legislator Medard Ssegona described the presidential directive as a mere joke and empty promise.

Without mincing words, Ssegona said, “I have never known him to tell the truth, I am not worried about the economic burden the country is set to face because the president will not honour this too.”

Policy analyst Godber Tumushabe said the demand for body guards by members of parliament is a merely fanciful and will not help better the security situation.

Tumushabe said,”We are in a situation where we have substantial break down in rule of law as a nature of threat, when you understand this then you know hiring an escort car is not a solution. People have lost lives even when they had guns and body guards.”

Uganda’s security question is characterized by killings, kidnaps that have left many Ugandans with no solution but invest in personal and community security.

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