Internal Affairs Minister Kania Says Not All MPs Will Receive Extra Security

Sam Ibanda Mugabi

The Minister of Internal Affairs Obiga Kania has dismissed claims that government intends to beef up the security of all members of parliament.

Speaking to NBS Television at parliament Thursday, the Internal Affairs state minister Obiga Kania said the current state of security in the country doesn’t necessitate such a drastic step.

In a Wednesday closed door meeting between Members of Parliament and President Yoweri Museveni over the increasing wave of insecurity in the Country, its alleged that legislators asked the Commander in Chief for more security arguing they are now a target after the gunning down of their colleague the Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga.

Minister Obiga Kania said that inspite of legislators raising the alarm about their security, not all of them will be given body guards but only to those that will request.

The minister says the current security situation in the country does not necessitate providing body guards to all members of Parliament.

Obiga Kania also dismissed claims that the Wednesday meeting resolved to provide police pick-ups to each of the legislators arguing the country lacks the requisite capacity now.

But to the opposition legislators like Mubarak Munyagwa Kawempe South and Lyandro Komakech of Gulu Municipality, the decision to provide body guards to them is uncalled for.

These legislators are also concerned with the current closeness of the President with Members of parliament. Their comments comes after the President addressed legislators four times in a period of just one month.

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