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Opposition Political Parties; Sacrifice for One For Change

Mable Twegumye Zake – @MableTwegumye

Mable Twegumye Zake

Mable Twegumye Zake

The core of any kind of politics should be upholding governance and swaying from this, is what results into misguided “politics” breeding egocentrism among politicians and into the game of multiparty politics.

Its for the same reason that opposition politics against the ruling party- NRM in Uganda is still struggling to level up or even outnumber their representatives in Parliament.

Opposition strongholds in Uganda; FDC, DP, UPC, JEMA and others have intensely criticized Museveni’s government as a failed administration that needs change forgetting that this change should also begin amongst themselves if they deeply desire of their “promised change” that befits a nation.

Change in their strategy of operations to be able to level up to the united front that the National Resistance Movement (NRM) exhibits especially in standing ground on representation of one candidate for instance in Parliamentary elections.

Yes, it is Multi-Party politics but if the opposition wants a victory against its contenders whose front lines are one solid wall to which they have lost over the years as a divided entity, then the answer is right in their face; join forces against NRM. Otherwise like the saying goes; fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice; shame on me and you’ve been fooled countless times!

Shame upon you all; opposition political parties in Uganda for placing your greed before the core of governance politics that would be the priority that brings you together on the same table; putting differences aside to decide on one candidate and stand against the robust NRM!

The TDA- GO-Forward Coalition was a failed attempt in the 2016 general elections since FDC never adhered to the coalition; votes were divided and in the end in favour of the NRM united front. If the Opposition had stood together behind one candidate, they would have gotten the “change” not only in the Presidential seat but probably in Parliament too.

Is it possible to see Uganda’s opposition political parties exhibiting patriotism through self sacrifice and selflessness by standing behind one candidate at parliamentary level and in the general elections?

The common cause that places them on one side to see succession politics and also stand strong against NRM and register victory are the same causes that are dividing the opposition which is the biggest weakness but why should this be the case?

The yellow camp has mastered these weaknesses and often uses them as their strength trying as much as possible to turn any smell of divisions within the NRM camp into one unit to resolve and fight back.

When the President speaks of patriotism, the opposition has been quick to attack yet the first reproach should always be looking into oneself for signs of practice.

Signs will not be historically registered in politicking, criticism and formulas that govern multiparty politics today. Times have changed and when it comes to your opponent; at times it is the unexpected, the extra ordinary and the brave hearts that win.

And for Uganda’s opposition political parties, the consistent strategy should be placing the common agenda first by fronting joint candidates to attain the victories against NRM in all the constituencies be it in by-elections or future elections.

For the party that will be the sacrificial lamb; we will call you Patriotic! This will mean putting yourself second, your party second and another or their candidate first in order to win it for your country and yourself in the end. And yes, it will leave your ego bruised but it will be worth it, ask your heroes who you always cite for having put their countries first!

The creator of Political alliance cross the ideological line.

Dalton Kaweesa – @DaltonKaweesa

Dalton Kaweesa

Dalton Kaweesa

Political Alliances..Political Alliance, Let me count how many times these alliances have left this country further divided and bruised different groups. If you have not had any frustration about these political alliance , right from Uganda national congress and Uganda People’s union that merged to present UPC, KY- UPC marriage of convenience , the AP, and most recent TDA, then you are politically naïve.

Alliances in bigger democracies have delivered results , not so sure about this part of Global south. For any one to appreciate why alliance crose the very foundation of formation needs to read further on why people came together and form a political party.

In Ugandan context , everyone has a right to associate. So then how do we get to belong to a given grouping may be social or political. Let me take an example of social tidings. Normally one tends to have acquaintances that resonate with their own aspirations. Have we heard our friends complain in our faces , how we have changed and no longer the people they met couple of days, months or even years ago. And this typically among people relating sexually. It is a reality that we associate with people that cut a demeanor that we want or are associated with. This can be extrapolated into the political space. Someone joins a political party because of the ideological foundation that a given party has.

It is there posturing that ideologues can really mix. I have seen to much aw by opportunists who claim that the ultimate goal to to dislodge a government in power. But wait a minute, I normally ask, so after dislodging a sitting president through these alliances, what happens next. A case in point Uganda’s largest second largest political party FDC has an outlook to different sectors on how they want to make them better, and so we would expect the leadership of Uganda Federal Alliance and Democratic party.

It is therefore wishful thinking that upon winning power as an alliance it will be easy for the allying parties to forget a way forward.

Because there is different political orientation , a single party is likely to lose identity if they get into these alliance. DP joined the Reform agenda which morphed into the current FDC. But every election DP loses its member to FDC. FDC eats into the leadership of Democratic party. This has never left DP a stronger party , indeed a joke runs in the sphere of how DP is a house help who handles the most chaotic stuff only to be enjoyed by to FDC.

The story of Kabaka yekka party and how the alliance with UPC is well documented, to a point of a former ally being forced into exile, The temptation to think that such a thing can never happen again to to hallucinate.
The argument here is that political parties are supposed to galvanise support from the masses and be able to grow , wrestle for political power. The idea that political alliances should be made to fight a single enemy is foundation on wrong studies.
Just across Kenya, when President Moi was bowing out of political he appointed Uhuru Kenyatta under the Kanu ticket, the Raila Odinga , Mamali Mudavadi, Mwai Kibaki allied to dislodge the KAnu stooge, and indeed succeeded. Moi was lost as a common enemy, but what happened after winning power as an alliance is well documented. ‘
The allies started fighting each other within the govt. I remember one day Raila Odinga as the prime minister gave contradicting position given with his junior minister who was more allied to President Mwai Kibuka. I saw with my vivid eyes , how Late Prof Saitoti then an internal minister , undermined then prime minister Raila at the launch of the great east African University.
Men belonging to the same government but they were going against each for petty stuff.
These charges are all born of marriages of convenience politically.
If I am to two staying out of power for over two decades, or make an alliance , I would choose the latter because it helps in building a foundation more of what the American democratic system has dictated.

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