Beti Kamya: “Nambooze’s remarks on Abiriga were insensitive, irresponsible”

Esther Namutamba

Esther Namutamba

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The Minister for Kampala, Beti Kamya has said the Mukono municipality MP, Betty Nambooze deserves to be charged for her remarks in the wake of the murder of Col Ibrahim Abiriga.

Abiriga, the Arua Municipality MP, was murdered on June 8 at Kawanda, on his way home.

In her eulogy, Nambooze said Abiriga had helped entrench the NRM and was being used as a loud speaker by senior members during the age-limit.

The Mukono municipality MP was yesterday briefly arrested and questioned by the police.

And today, she maintained that she will not be cowed by the police.

Nambooze: “Police insulted and humiliated me but I will not give up”

Kamya said Nambooze’s comments were insensitive and irresponsible.

“I think it was very insensitive and irresponsible of Betty Nambooze to write such a document,” said Kamya.

Kamya added that she was surprised to hear the leader of opposition, Winnie Kiiza say that Nambooze should not be arrested.

Meanwhile, Kamya has revealed plans to register all boda boda riders to conform with the president’s directive. Museveni, at the burial of Abiriga, said all boda boda riders must have numbered helmets and a uniform.

“Of course the Boda bodas are easy to use for any activity and even the killers are using them because they can do whatever they want and easily disappear,” she said.

Kamya said that they working together with the line ministries to see that boda bodas are registered in order to fulfil the president’s directive.

She said: “I think each ministry with take part in the registration of boda bodas that is ministry for Internal Affairs, ministry of Works, Security , Police, minister for Kampala and ministry of finance will all take part. ”


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