Remember Abiriga’s last words to you, ex-minister urges Museveni

Nelson Bwire Kapo

Nelson Bwire Kapo

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The former state Minister for Housing, Sam Engola has challenged Museveni to find it in his heart and remember the last rumblings from slain Arua Municipality legislator Ibrahim Abiriga.

Engola made the statements at the funeral ceremony for Abiriga and his bodyguard brother Said Butele Buga at Rhino camp, Lukudu village, lower Madi County in Arua District.

“Abiriga was my personal friend, everyone knows it. When he was joining politics, he drove to Arua to talk to me and I talked last to him before he died,” Engola said.

“But Mr President, I want you to remember what Abiriga told you, Abiriga once told me Hon Engola I am a very honest man. I have driven from Arua to see the president in Masindi and I told him- I love you and NRM more than anybody in this country, but you the president, whenever somebody loves you, you don’t love them back. The media has said you have been avoiding him and you don’t want to see him but that is gone, now take care of his children,” Engola added.

Engola told Museveni that Abiriga’s last child is only two years and he came carrying him in the helicopter, urging Museveni to think about Abiriga’s rumblings and do the right thing now.

Abiriga in an interview with the NBS TV before his death said he was hurt by Museveni distancing himself.

He said Museveni’s recent attitude was hurting him for he had shown so much commitment and love to the fountain of honour.

Abiriga lamented that people close to the President were fighting him and failing him to meet with the president but to make matters worse, the President never cared.






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