Medics Interrogate Patient for Raising Alarm after Woman Dies at Kawempe Hospital Gate

Zahra Namuli

Zahra Namuli

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The Kawempe hospital administration spent the better part of Friday, June 8, morning quizzing a one Betty Nankabirwa who sought the indulgence of state minister for Housing Chris Baryomunsi through Minister of Trade Amelia Kyambadde after unidentified woman reportedly died at the entrance of the hospital.

According to Nankabirwa, the patient died after failing to raise the illegally demanded fees by the security operatives at the hospital before any patient can access the premises.

Betty Nankabirwa aged 27 is nursing a sister who was admitted in Kawempe Hospital for delivery.

Following reports that Nankabirwa had called in the Minister for Housing Chris Baryomunsi to intervene after an unidentified woman died at the hospital gate due to negligence, the hospital administration spent over two hours interrogating her.

Nankabirwa stuck to her guns that the lady in question came in with active labour pains but was shocked to see the security officers deny her entry.

Nankabirwa told NBS TV, it has become a habit of these security officers to demand for 2000/- from patients before they can access the hospital premises.

Nankabirwa said that the officers demand for 2000/- from patients but do not receipt the money.

She promised to pin all the corrupt officials at the facility so as to save any other life.

Rose Namayanja, a Red Cross official at the facility, however insisted that the woman in question was not pregnant as it is alleged by Nankabirwa.

Namayanja went on to claim that the deceased did not die at Kawempe hospital gate but had actually died on the way.

According to Sarah Ndibalekera, the hospital administrator also Public Relations Officer Kawempe, this was a false alarm.

Ndibalekera insisted that the deceased had other medical issues and there had been no need to call Minister Baryomunsi at 1pm.

NBS TV failed to trace the relatives of the deceased as they preferred to immediately transport her body for burial instead of seeking a post mortem report.

The hospital decided not to take legal action against Betty Nankabirwa after further internal consultations.


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