Lukwago Accuses Minister Kamya of Buying Time As She Plots To Become Kampala Political Head

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kenneth Kazibwe

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Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has accused Minister Betti Kamya of working around the clock to ensure she hijacks his position as the political head of the city.

Lukwago dragged Kamya to court seeking to restrain her from passing hersekf off as the political head of Uganda’s capital prompting court to ask them to first exhaust avenues of settling their differences out of court before a full trial would commence in case the negotiations fail.

However, negotiations hit a dead end and on Monday, Kamya was supposed to appear for cross examination but his lawyer told court she was attending a cabinet meeting.

Lukwago’s lawyers accused the minister of disrespecting court by telling lies.

The case was later adjourned to July 12.

Speaking to journalists shortly, Lukwago said the minister was buying time before she finally hijacks his powers.

“Court asked us to go into negotiations but she never turned up,” Lukwago said.

“She did it intentionally to delay this case because she is pushing for the amendment of the KCCA act in parliament.”

The Kampala Lord mayor alleges that through the presidential affairs committee in parliament, Kamya recently held a retreat geared towards making a report that would recommend to amend the act.

“They have never invited me as political head.”

“They want to expedite it so that by the time we return to court, they argue that the matter has been overtaken by events,” Lukwago added.

He said that by amending the KCCA act, Beti Kamya wants to take over power as the new political head of the city.

In his suit to the civil division of the High Court, Lukwago says the actions of the Kampala minister have frustrated his ability to execute his duties of developing programs and strategies for the development of the capital city.

Section 11 of the KCCA Act vests the executive powers of the city in the office of the lord mayor.

The same act says that the lord mayor is the political head of the capital city among many other administration duties, a role the lord mayor claims the minister has taken over illegally.

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