VIDEO: ABIRIGA’S DEATH: Our Police is too slow at reacting to emergencies – Museveni

Nelson Bwire Kapo

President Museveni has once again lashed out at the Uganda Police Force for being a weak force and pathetically slow at reacting to emergencies.

President Museveni made the statements in relation to the murder of Arua Municipality Member of Parliament Ibrahim Abiriga. Abiriga was shot by yet to be identified assailants as he approached his home in Kawanda on Friday evening.

However, Museveni who was visiting the scene of crime told a group of residents that the police should take blame for being so complacent and slow.

“I have seen a general weakness in the police force, where they killed Abiriga from is narrow and has one entry and exit yet there is a police post just close by. These people shot several times, but the officers at the police post could not run to the scene or pursue the assailants” Museveni wondered.

“The police people are just slow. But also you boda boda people need to fight your business because it is becoming hard for us to keep. Your motorcycles are being used for crimes, you need to weed these criminals within you,” Museveni added.

The President ordered for a meeting with bodaboda riders soon to find ways forward to streamline the business.

“Ngenda komawo (I am coming back), we need to meet and talk about these things with boda boda people, kitalo nyo banange (it is tragic loss),” he said before entering his car and speeding off to Kakumiro District where he is expected to officiate the Heroes day celebrations.

Museveni while explaining the recent women kidnaps and murders recently said that the police was full of weevils and he had to remove them. He said that with the removal of weevils in the force, crime was bid farewell.

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