Prominent quotes by MP Ibrahim Abiriga

Nelson Bwire Kapo

Nelson Bwire Kapo

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Arua Municipality Member of Parliament, Ibrahim Abiriga was shot Friday near his home in Kawanda.

The legislator was known for his comic comments and his colourful outfit. We look at the comments and statements he has made in his time; Here are some of his memorable quotes,

“Those near President Museveni don’t want me; they are jealous,” January 29, 2018

“Everything on me has to at least have yellow if it is not fully yellow. The plate I use, the cups, my bed is yellow, house and everything must be yellow.”

“I have just returned from DR Congo where I landed on very good yellow undergarments so I was forced to buy all the 20 left in the shop.”

“My father was a big proponent of President Museveni and he urged us always support him and the NRM”.

“There was no official recruitment then and since my father had been a soldier, he maintained that my destination was also in the army.”

“At this age, I need to associate with younger people to share in the fresh views and even when I had set out to run for only one term, I have reconsidered a second one come 2021.”

“Abiriga means hunger,” he says, “During that time, people survived on sim-sim and groundnuts paste mixed with water.”

“I was told that I never suckled my mother’s breast because I rejected it completely so it was just poured out.”

“This was no problem, we shall sit and discuss then give one person to table this Bill.”

“My colleagues from army side are calling me they are happy, they say what I have started (Age limit Bill) is good and should continue with it.”

“I don’t want to repeat my self all the time, we started the age limit thing in campaigns, we said pakalast pakalast, what do you think it means

“I was badly off, how do I keep keeping urine on me, what should I have done?”

“Uganda is still here it is not going anywhere, it will be us perishing one by one, today me, tomorrow you but Uganda is here.” September 16, 2017

“What is minister? The other day I was in Dubai going to America, the whole Airport came to me singing eh Abiriga eh Abiriga, was I a minister?” March 26, 2018

“Those saying I did not go to school, were you with Abiriga, do you know when he was born, that is serious madness,” March 28, 2018

“This parliament is not for Honorable Tinkasimire,” August 27, 2017

I was saying to the President to give us medals, a very powerful medal of NRM because we deserve it, we stood firm to say Yes in front of the speaker for the Age Limit Bill,” Feb 28, 2018

“How do you fear the voters, you are the one to direct the voters not the voters to drive you, your brain drives the voters,” Feb 28, 2018

“I see it is good, we don’t want to go two terms, to go and ask for votes, the term of seven years is enough. Five years is too short.”

“When I am passing, people are saying Abiriga Abiriga, my name is all over from the gate to parliament.”

“Yes, I know how to cook and I actually cooked for a long time. When I joined the army in 1971 around August, I was cooking for myself until 1975 when I married. But before that, I was cooking for myself. The best food even. Apart from matoke, kawunga (posho) and this cassava flour (bread) of ours, I can cook anything else.”

“I like this Afrigo band. You see, Afrigo band is good and we used to enjoy it a lot in Cape Town Villa, which is today called [Commonwealth Resort] Munyonyo. I like dancing to good music. Even on Friday we are going to Guvnor to dance.”

“I am in my sixties. I am either 62 or 61. Around there [Quick Talk reassures him he can surely handle a second wife at his age] Aaah! No no no. I can’t handle now.”

“I don’t work out and I don’t go for these gym things. I just eat, sleep, eat, sleep. That’s all. When I don’t feel good, I go and see the doctor. Exercises for what at this age? You see, I am going to die soon.”

“Tell me, from here where am I going? In the grave. I always tell my people that no matter how good your storied houses and golden houses are, those are not yours. Your house is down. Seven feet. That is your house. Permanent!”










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