Vacate the cricket oval, man of God- IGG tells Prophet Mbonye

Nelson Bwire Kapo

The Inspectorate of Government has ordered National Council of Sports (NCS) to suspend an operation contract with Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s ZOE fellowship ministries for the use of Lugogo cricket oval.

Prophet Mbonye in May moved from Kyadondo rugby grounds and booked Lugogo cricket oval in a 2-years contract.

However, the IGG, Irene Mulyagonja in a letter to NCS dated June 5 claims the contract by NCS to Prophet Mbonye was irregular as it was done without due regard to legal requirements for procurement and disposal of public assets and needs to be investigated.

“It was specifically alleged inter alia that the Lugogo Cricket Oval was irregularly contracted out for the use of the ZOE Fellowship Ministries for its massive public prayer rallies much to the detriment and prejudice of the state of the grounds and activities of the Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) which has been in occupation of the Oval since 1966. It was also alleged that the grounds had been contracted out without due regard to legal requirements for procurement and disposal of public assets,” the letter reads in part.

“This is therefore to direct you in accordance with the provisions above to suspend the operation/implementation of the aforementioned contract with ZOE Fellowship Ministries for the use of the Lugogo Cricket Oval pending investigation of the circumstances upon which the contract was entered and the management of the proceed arising therefrom,” the statement continues.

According to the IGG, UCA argues that the activities of Prophet Mbonye are stifling activities of the various cricket teams and making it impossible for them to prepare for the various tournaments “because they will retain the grounds for only 3 out of the 7 days of each week for the duration of the contract”.

IGG insists that unlike the cricketers who need to use the grounds, ZOE ministries and Prophet Mbonye have the luxury of finding another place for their prayers. She says the contract is unfair to the cricket fraternity.

Mulyagonja also claims that the manner in which the proceeds from such contractual obligations are received and accounted for is irregular. The IGG now wants the matter investigated to rule out the possibility of abuse of public assets and finances.

“…the Inspectorate of Government will in addition to this particular matter be commencing a systematic review of the processes and procedures of the NCS on various other matters that have been brought to the attention of this office which will be communicated under separate cover,”  Mulyagonja says.




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