Ministry of Health allays Ebola allegations, confirms Congo Crimean hemorrhagic Fever in Mubende 

Namajja Irene

Namajja Irene

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The ministry of health has confirmed that a death that occurred in Mubende hospital on 23rd may 2018 was due to the Congo Crimean Hemorrhagic fever.

The same has however refuted earlier allegations that the patient had died of ebola which is on the rise in neighboring DRC.

To this effect the ministry says they have established numerous efforts to prevent any of the two viruses with intensified checks at border point as various pilgrims make their way into the country ahead of the 3rd June martyrs day celebrations.

A thirty-five-year-old man was reported dead on the 23rd may 2018 at Mubende hospital where he had been referred from Kakumiro. The 35years old was alleged to have died of Ebola because of the signs of vomiting, high fever and bleeding.

The ministry of health has however come out refuting the Ebola allegation saying that results from the Uganda Virus Research Institute indicate that the thirty-five-year-old man died of the Crimean hemorrhagic fever

The minister of state for health in charge of general duties Sarah Achieng Opendi noted; “I want to allay fears of the public that we don’t have any Ebola outbreak in the country, however what we have is the Congo Crimean hemorrhagic fever.”

The ministry notes that all attendants to the deceased and medical personnel are being quarantined and under close monitoring, materials that were used on the deceased. Residents in Kakumiro and Mubende are also being sensitized by different rapid response teams.

The ministry adds that with a confirmed outbreak of the Ebola in the DRC, they are also intensifying mitigation efforts in preparation for any possible outbreak including preparation of isolation facilities and rapid emergency teams.

“We have instructed leaders in the districts of Kampala, Wakiso, Kisoro Kanungu and all others bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo to reactivate the district task forces which are in place now and preparations for any out possible outbreaks because as you are aware we have porous borders and a lot of movement of our people to DRC and from DRC back to Uganda,” Opendi said.

“We have already set up an isolation facility close to Entebbe in case of any emergencies and that for the CCHF is at Mubende referral hospital,” she added.

Screening has also been tightened at the Entebbe international airport and other entry points especially as the country gears for the 3rd June 2018 martyr’s day pilgrimage.

The ministry notes that the Congo Crimean Hemorrhagic fever shows signs similar signs and symptoms like high fever, vomiting and bleeding which can only be differentiated in the laboratory.

There is also an ardent call upon the public to corporate with immigration and health officials at all points and report any cases of high fever and bleeding tendencies.

“People should use protective gear or wear while slaughtering animals to prevent transmission of the animal diseases to human and use soap while washing your hands” Opendi said.

There also investigations in Bubulo district over fourteen cases who were suspected to have Ebola with one death already registered.


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