Katikkiro Mayiga: “Museveni broke 2013 agreement with Buganda”

Josephine Namakumbi

The Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga, has revealed that Buganda has continuously fallen into problems because it places trust in political leaders who in the end fail to meet their part of the bargain.

Addressing journalists yesterday, Mayiga for instance cited the 2013 Memorandum of Understanding signed between Kabaka Ronald Mutebi and President Museveni where the president pledged to return many of Buganda’s assets and properties that are still under the custody of the central government.

Till today, Mayiga said, there has been little movement in this direction.

Mayiga said that it has not been the first time that Buganda has been fooled around after trusting political leaders.

The katikkiro said Buganda will continue demanding for its assets until they are returned.

On May 24, 1966, Mengo Palace was attacked  by the army of Uganda led by Idi Amin on orders of Milton Obote.

This invasion led to the fleeing into exile of the late Ssekabaka Edward Muteesa II from where he later died in 1969.

Yesterday marked 52 years since the tragic events.

Mayiga said what happened to Buganda in 1966 cannot happen again as this time the kingdom shall do whatever is possible to defend itself.


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