DP, Buganda are Uganda’s biggest problem, says Abed Bwanika

Kenneth Kazibwe

People’s Development Party head and former presidential candidate Dr. Abed Bwanika has said that just like Buganda, the Democratic Party is Uganda’s biggest problem.

Speaking at DP’s grand reunion at Makerere rugby grounds on Wednesday, Bwanika said that just like Buganda,the country’s oldest  party is the only of its kind that has a number of advantages but has failed to take power.

“You were  the first to lead this country but right now you are fighting for small positions,”Bwanika said.

“There is no place or anyone in the world with riches and all the benefits like Buganda and doesn’t think of taking power.”

The former presidential candidate lashed out at DP leaders for not doing enough to ensure they take power but only focus on fighting each other.

In the past, the country’s oldest party has been divided between what has been termed as bad and good DP.

Bad DP is the faction that does not side with President Yoweri Museveni whereas the good DP members have been accused of being in bed with the president.

Bwanika however noted that DP has in the past supported a number of people to become presidents but have failed to take up power themselves.

“When Museveni came you supported, even Besigye? You were last time supporting (former premier Amama) Mbabazi. Who bewitched you?” Bwanika wondered.

“How could you get the oldest party to support Mbabazi?”

The People’s Development Party leader said DP needs to prayers for failure to use instruments at their disposal to oust president Museveni.

He urged them to unite and take power, instead of fighting for positions in governments led by others.

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