FDC does not need to ally with anybody, says Amuriat

Patience Ndinawe

Patience Ndinawe

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The Forum for Democratic Party FDC is confident it can stand alone.

Party President Patrick Oboi Amuriat said yesterday that the leading opposition party has not entered into any coalition talks with any opposition party to command a strong presence.

“FDC is an independent party that can make its own decisions”, Patrick Oboi Amuriat said.

The bold remark comes five days after FDC strongman Kizza Besigye met with the opposition members of parliament.

In the eyes of most critics, a formation of the coalition was on the horizon.

However Amuriat could not be drawn into any speculation.

“Dr. Kizza Besigye’s visit to parliament will be answered by the people’s government as and when they feel it’s appropriate”, Amuriat said.

To strengthen its motive to stand alone, the party intends to extend its country wide influence.

“At the moment over 3000 members have been announced, who are going to be our flag bearers in the forth coming general election”, Amuriat said.

Despite the resolve, the party left a door open  for JEEMA in the Bugiri Municipality election where the two parties have bickered.

“They seem not ready to come for a meeting. All we can say is that we shall continue to wait for JEEMA”, Amuriat said.

In the same briefing at the party headquarters the FDC Women League reechoed strong voice against  the rampant  kidnaps and murder of women. The league said they will take  industrial action.

Sarah Eperu, the FDC Women’s League spokesperson said: “We are mobilising all women to demonstrate  against the continued negligence of security organs to women’s lives”.

“A peaceful demonstration will be held on the 21st of June 2018 at the Constitutional square,” she added.

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