Woman who staged own kidnap to pay debts tricked into arrest with lunch date

Nelson Bwire Kapo

Police in Katwe have arrested a one Grace Kyosimire for allegedly faking her own kidnap in order to settle chocking debts.

Kyosimire, 27, disappeared from home and started sending messages to her family claiming she was in the mean hands of kidnappers who wanted Shs4m in ransom.

According to Kyosimire, the money if paid by the family would go towards rehabilitating her pockets as well as clear off her huge debts with people who were pressuring her.

The messages sent to family indicated an ultimatum which would lead to death of Kyosimire if the ransom was not met.

Unfortunately for Kyosimire, the family refused to bow to pressure, forcing her to change plot and text that she had been killed and Shs4m was required to transport her body.

The family immediately reported a case at Katwe Police Station, and using her close friend, Kyosimire was arrested.

“Her close friend was asked to call her and fix a lunch appointment, to which she obliged and was eventually arrested,” a statement from Kampala Metropolitan Police reads in part.

“They had agreed to meet at a restaurant located at Mega Standard Supermarket.

She is currently detained at Katwe Police on charges of demanding money by menaces,” the statement continues.


Over ten incidences involving self kidnap have so far been reported in two months, notwithstanding over 81 cases of kidnap have been reported by police n three months. However 60 of them are false alarms.


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