VIDEO: Drunkard misleads police into a house raid over gun

Namajja Irene

Namajja Irene

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Police is looking for one Yiga Fredrick a suspected illegal gun owner who is currently on the run. This is after Yiiga sent out a video indicating he has a gun, which he intended to use for illegal purposes, only for Police to raid and dig up house where the gun was suspected to be housed in vain.

Deputy police spokesperson Patrick Onyango says they are now on a hunt for Yiga who will be required to give details on where the claimed gun is being kept. The Busega residents however say Police is on a wild chase because the man they are hunting for is a mere drunkard who speaks under the influence of alcohol all the time.

Police says they got intelligence information that Yiga Fredrick was hiding a gun in the house before raiding it yesterday night with searches that transitioned throughout the early parts of the morning.

The police’s anti terrorism unit was however driven away by an afternoon down power that ended their unyielding search. Police says they will have to find Yiga for more investigations.

“Yiga is currently on the run, but we’ll have to find him so that he tells us where the gun is or even ascertain the claims he was making relating to the same,”Onyango said.

But residents say the search came after a wrangle that ensued between Yiiga Fredrick and Kironde after Yiga got thrown out of the house and he claimed he had left a gun buried under ground.

Residents who know the two say Yiga Fredrick is a known drunkard who almost turns lunatic when under the influence of alcohol and says anything. Most of them believe Yiga owns no gun but only caused trouble because of alcohol.

“Even if they search and dig up the house to the water level, they will find no gun. Yiga only spoke under the influence of alcohol but we all know he owns no gun,” a resident said.

Residents are also wary that police rushed into a raid that would have been resolved if Yiga was found before breaking into the house.

“Police should first have found Yiga so that he tells them the exact spot where the gun was buried instead of digging up the whole place, “another resident added.

Onyango however noted some of the resident’s issues wouldn’t be taken into account because of procedure.

“When handling such operations, we can’t inform communities because they could alert the owner of the riffle, “he said.

Police also arrested Kironde George the landlord and a few of his builders for purposes of investigations.



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