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Every wealthy or successful person I’ve meant has a niche. This is what has kept them going, and enabled them to dominate a certain market for ages.

Finding a niche helps you to focus on what you love most and are so good at. A niche is an area or position most suitable for someone, especially the one they like or are good at.

Those that have no niche end up being everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Though almost every area of business has opportunities, it’s detrimental trying to do almost everything without some form of specialisation.

And you also need to note that for you to specialise, you need to do so only after you’ve confirmed that your area of specialisation is the best for you; the one that will keep you motivated to go forth.

So, before you start climbing the career or business ladder, it’s key to ask yourself, “Is my ladder propped against the right building?” Here are steps to consider while identifying your niche;

Evaluate your values

It’s always paramount to reflect on your values because they tell you where you need to go. Knowing your destination is the first step to choosing which path to take. This also enables you to say no to things that are not in line with the principles that you hold most dear to you. This requires reflection on what your values are. It could be integrity, excellence, speed, the list is endless.

Consider what you’re good at

Every person has both their areas of strength and areas of weakness. Knowing what you are good at helps you identify the path you should take. This saves you from doing things that you can’t handle. For example; naturally there are some things that you can never be good at.

Instead of making vain attempts thinking that faking it will help you make it, go where you possess natural abilities so that you don’t have to struggle and waste time.

If you are an introvert as an example, it may not be a good idea to choose a field that involves people like social works. If you are not yet sure of what you are good at, you can consult trusted colleagues or friends, or take note of what people always compliment about.

Identify your means  

This is what will help you journey the path that you choose. After figuring out what you are good at, find out how you are going to deliver the service or product that you’ll be working on. This is so critical because nowadays it not what you do that matters, but how you do it.

The method you choose to use will determine how successful your business or career will be. This can be best done when you first evaluate how your competitors operate, and then creatively design a model that gives you an edge over them. Considering your values, doing what you are passionate about, and what you are good at is great. But it will all go to waste if you fail to use the most appropriate means in this stage.

Remember that your niche is your story, please write a great one.

The writer is a statistician and writer at Success Africa

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