SGS to roll out mobile units for vehicle inspection in different towns nationwide

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Two years since they obtained contract on motor vehicle inspections, Swiss company Societe Generale De Surveillance (SGS), has gone to great lengths to convince Ugandans to embrace vehicle inspection.

Speaking to journalists On Wednesday at their head offices in Namamve, Xavier Hoenen the SGS Operations manager for Vehicle Inspection said that at the beginning of the contract, they got overwhelming numbers of people interested in having their cars inspected, but at the moment, the appreciation for vehicle inspection is low.

He called upon vehicle owners to think of the fact that vehicle inspection is a personal issue and it is for their own good.

“Many people think that vehicle inspection is a waste of time since they take their cars for servicing. But how sure are you if your mechanic is not only telling you what he wants you to pay for? This vehicle inspection is independent and it helps you realise the exact faults with your car so that you attend to them from an informed point,” he said.

“When your car fails the test, we generate a report detailing the mandatory repairs needed for success, you can now go to your mechanic with an idea of what you need repaired, not the mechanic to tell you what he should repair and in the end over charge you,” he added.

Hoenen decried the slumping numbers of Ugandans interested in vehicle inspection, urging those who love their cars to embrace the vehicle inspection as it comes with massive benefits. He said that SGS is working with the ministry to sensitise vehicle owners.

“When we started, we saw a lot of cars coming to the station, we had 75% cars pass rate and we continue to compel vehicle owners to embrace inspection,” Hoenen said.

“We are open to the public, and have more service stations now. We are discussing with the ministry of works to have people understand the benefits of vehicle inspection,” he added.

SGS communications manager Susan Nava, said that the company is aware of the complaints regarding distances people have to move to obtain the service. She said for that reason, they are set to launch mobile inspections points in different towns.

“We shall be having mobile units across towns, a new program is going to roll out and will be communicated. We have the mobile units and and a schedule for the cities to implement this in,” she said.

A program is going to roll out and will be communicated by Ministry of Works and Transport,” she added.

Nava said that the company already boats of easily accessible service centres in Mbarara, Gulu, Mbale, Namulanda, Namanve, among others and an online booking system for those who would want to inspect their cars with an appointment.








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