Government denies withdrawing UAE ambassador; says she was summoned for ‘normal’ consultations

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kenneth Kazibwe

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The Foreign Affairs ministry has denied reports that it has withdrawn Uganda’s ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Nimisha Madhvani as had been stated in various media outlets.

A  May, 10 letter by   Ambassador Isaac Ssebulime, the Permanent Secretary in had indicated that  Nimisha had been asked to hand over office to Sam Omara who would be in charge of the mission .

Uganda’s Ambassador to United Arab Emirates (UAE), Ms Nimisha Madhvani has been recalled following reported protests by the Arab state over her conduct.

“I have been directed to instruct you to report to the headquarters immediately for consultations,” the letter by Ssebulime says in part.

However, according to a statement by the ministry, the reports of recalling the ambassador are not true as her summon is a normal routine by them.

“Most of the media reports are based on a limited understanding of the contents of a leaked letter addressed to Amb. Madhvani by the acting Permanent Secretary, Amb. Isaac Sebulime. Amb. Madhvani was recalled for consultations and not withdrawn from the UAE as a duty station,” says the ministry in a statement released on Tuesday.

“Recalls for consultations are frequent and routine within the Foreign Service as they give the Ministry and our Ambassadors or Foreign Service Officers ample time to carry out in-depth discussions, review obtaining situations and receive instructions on the bilateral relations of both countries which written correspondence often cannot do.”

According to the ministry, Madhvani has never made the ‘disparaging’ remarks as alleged by some sections of the media adding there is no evidence to it.

“Uganda values her relations with the UAE. These relations remain strong and will keep growing.”

The chaos comes against the backdrop of Members of Parliament on the Defence and Internal Affairs committee who recently returned from the United Arab Emirates and reported that atleast 16 Ugandan had committed suicide this year due to frustration over the poor conditions where they work and live.

The legislators reported a presence of a slave market in the country where some of the Ugandan girls are sold.

“We met three Ugandans who had nowhere to reside. It is a sad story seeing where Ugandans live but are mistreated,”Muwanga Kivumbi told parliament.

The legislators said the situation is bad both in Oman and United Arab Emirates.

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